Problem with the camera and the "ringbell"

Since almost 2 years, after an update of Android, I can take picture with my camera but it is impossible to see them. They do not appear on Gallery. I must say that anyway the previous pictures taken with my camera are totally grey when shown by Gallery.
The only way for me to take picture and see them again is to use Signal or whats app.
I have also a problem with the “sound”. Everytime I try to change the “ringbell” of the phone, I’m taken out of “Sound Parameters” to “Parameters”.

Thank you for your help

For the camera question could you indicate

  • The Android version you are running: go to Settings > About phone > Build version
  • Which camera app are you using, the one that came already installed on the phone, or another?
  • Which Gallery app are you using, the one that came already installed on the phone, or another?

For the “ringbell” do you mean the sound the phone makes when you receive a call? If not, which sound are we talking about?

If it would be easier for you to converse in a different language than English, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

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This question from your older topic still stands …

See #sdcardguide for more info about it, it’s important.

Apart from that, since you have the phone for a while already, strange problems might appear or accumulate. It happens.

The important thing to have now would be a backup of all your important data. Once you know for certain that you would not lose anything important on the phone, a factory reset or installing the phone from scratch would be available as options to try to fix such issues.

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity (see #angelsmap), you could ask whether they would be able to help with any of this in person.


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