Problem with the battery, probably - need confirmation

Hello everyone,
My FP2 has been acting up lately.
It quite frequently reboots, either randomly or when it struggles accomplishing a task. Which sometimes absolutely drains the battery, for example going from 30% to 1%.
It can have a hard time to even open an app, and when it does, again, the battery’s draining.
Lately I’ve had to recharge it more frequently than usual, too.
However, today, it stayed in the high 30s for the whole morning (it was at 38% for a good 3 hours), even with me using it… and then, I opened Instagram and saw the battery charge go down super fast, like a countdown. Later when I charged it, it went super fast too - I saw it jump from 23% to 27%.

So I think it’s probably a battery problem, but before ordering a new one, I’d like to know your opinions - maybe it’s something else acting on the battery, or there’s a faulty contact somewhere.

What do you think?
(if you have questions, do ask)

Try a #dic:kickstart start to see if this improves your battery life.


You might try out the AccuBattery app.
The option “Health” shows (after some days of usage) IMHO quite well the remaining capacity of your battery.

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Well I have such behaviours quite often with a battery at near full capacity, for reboots batteries don’t quite like being brutally switched off, and I already saw my battery level go down 2%/s from 52 to 17% once while doing a wifi tethering, and then it stayed at 17% for three hours. Just charge it completely in such cases.
I don’t exclude it could also be a battery health problem as mentioned, but I’m just warning you having a brand new battery might not change anything to the problem of reboots and jumping battery level.

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Buy what’s the cause of that problem then? You seem to be uncertain if it’s related to the battery. Is there another module that should be replaced? Or could this be a software issue? Have you tried a different ROM?

Hi Thias3b, welcome to the FP Forum.
Could you just fill in a few details: which version of which OS you’re running, how long have you had the present battery, and whether you usually take steps to maintain charge between 20% and 80%.
In addition to the very good advice above, you may find some of these posts useful.
Finally, as Alex.A stated, the erratic battery behaviour may have been induced by the reboots. These need looking in to. May be due to a poor connection somewhere so it might be worthwhile taking the phone to pieces, cleaning everything especially all contacts and putting it together again. Make sure the battery is seated properly and contacts are firmly connected. Plenty of advice around, and maybe a local Fairphone Angel or owner in your area could help.


First of all, thank you for your answer(s).

I’ve had my battery for as long as I’ve had the phone, so something around 2 years and a half.
My FP2 is running Android 9 and the OS is version 21.05.0.
I’m doing small things in order to save battery: turning off autoplay on apps, lowering the brightness of the phone, turning on airplane mode during the night… Nothing too drastic.

I’ll try some of the solutions you all mentioned and see if something works!


Reboots draining the battery are just a bug of the FP2 I fear, not much to do.

For the discharging problems sometimes happening, I don’t think it’s due to hardware nor to the ROM (I saw such things on different FP2s under different OSes), I suspect it’s a problem due to messed up battery stats, due to these reboots. When the battery is brutally disconnected (happens sometime when the phone has a shock), the battery level sometimes loses (or even gains) up to ~30%, which messes up the battery stats and makes you believe you lose 30% in a few seconds when later doing some demanding task (although the effective battery level didn’t really change). Which is why I recommend a full charge or #dic:kickstart.
TL;DR: I believe it’s a problem in the measuring of the battery level.


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