Problem with sim slot 1 Fairphone 2

I have had my FP2 for a month or so now, and all has been well! On a train on Saturday I lost network coverage (which was usual on that journey) but it did not return, and still hasn’t!
If I swap my sim to slot 2 everything works again, but I would like to resolve this issue.
I have been running Lineage v14 all the time I have had this phone and just upgraded to v15, just in case it resolved the problem, but sadly it did not. The phone knows the sim is there but now in v15 I have messages like ‘No voice service-Temporarily not offered by the network at your location’ and and ’ ‘Phone not allowed’.
Any help, suggestions or guidance would be very welcome indeed!
Thanks in advance!


Presumably toggling “Aeroplane mode” on/off makes no difference to outcome?

What about inputting in dialler *#*#4636#*#* and in “Phone info” scroll down to Mobile Radio Power > move teal slider to left to switch off > Restart device > will give option to reset up SIM’s when reboots?

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Thank you for your reply!
No toggling “Aeroplane mode” on and off has no effect.
Re your suggestion via the dialler, when I do this and restart I’m not giving an option to reset SIM’s. Am I missing a step?
Thank you again!

I believe this has been reported before when upgrading Lineage to 15 - but I’m not able to find where I read that yesterday.

Do you mean the lack of an option to reset the SIM’s or SIM 1 losing network connection? To be clear, the problem began in Lineage 14, and I only upgraded in the hope it would resolve the issue.
Thank you for the reply!

I remember reading about somebody who needed to do a factory reset because the settings for SIM1 could not be accessed anymore, but as I said, I’m unable to find it.

Edit: it was not about LineageOS after all, but about FP OS. I’m sorry for this confusion.

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