Problem with screen

I have a new FP3 since only one week and have problems wih the screen already!! When I put my ear against the phone during a call, the screen doesn’t turn off and keyboard therefore stays active. I already had the same problem with teh FP2 but I could solve it with the maintenance app. Apparently it no longer exists on the FP3 so I can’t solve the problem!

You can try to fix this problem by installing the checkup tool as an app, see CHECKUP diagnosis on the FP3 – and its future

Unfortunately proximity sensor calibration is separate from Checkup and not included. I think I remember that /e/ (or was it Sailfish?) includes “Sensor” as a standalone app, maybe someone can extract it from there some day?

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So am i, as a non-computer-specialist and standard user of that phone left with a brand new fairphone3 with quite the same problems as my old fp2 and stuck to wait until “someone does someting some day”? after having given up on fp2 at the end of 2 years of problems (screen stuck, screen off, phone calling people randomly, phone switching off by itsself, back cover falling off, phone ringing when no one is calling…) i thought i could give it another chance. Its taken the new phone only one week to start with some of the same spasms. Now people suggest i should tinker around with apps and sonsors…
Is there no other way?

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Of course there is … contact support and go through its motions … or return the phone within 14 days since receiving it and get another one?

A support contact form for the Fairphone 3 can currently be found here (just choose Fairphone 3 as your model) …

Return policy is here …

Thanks for your answer. “just get another one” is not a solution for me since i went for fair phone to avoid exactly that. whats a “repairable” phone good for when literally ALL problems i encountered so far (2 years of fp struggle) end up with people and support forums telling me to “just get another one”? if this turns out to be the solution i’d rather buy a “dirty” main stream, rock solid, cutting edge phone and “get another one” only roughly every 4-5 years when software and app development force you to. seems much more durable as solution for the planet since this would be the 4th fp i “just get” under warranty within 2 years. a sad fact!

What about contacting support first? Returning the phone was suggested as a last resort if support cannot help/the problem cannot be fixed soon (assuming you can’t live with it).

Going for a fair option seemingly didn’t exempt you from receiving a defective product.

I’m applauding you for looking for a possibility to repair the defect first, but in the end it seems you got a defective product and there’s a 14 days time limit in which you can simply return your order without going through support.
Going through support might take longer and in the current absence of a calibration App might result in returning the phone anyway.

Of course it would be preferrable if there was a solution not involving sending phones around because of a defect.

I contacted the support and their answer was: send the phone back for replacement!!
I restarted my phone and the screen seems to be working since. Let’s see how long it goes until facing the next problem . … fingers crossed!

Seems true … at a first glance. Keep in mind, that we don’t know, how many phones or phone parts are going waste during the process of quality control in Asia with the global players. They might be much more rigid in testing, than FP can afford to be.
And even with them you get batteries, that go up in flames and other defects as well.
Sorry for your bad luck and I keep my fingers crossed for you as well, that you will not be facing any more troubles!