Problem with screen - can I bend the contacts?


I have a problem with my screen. It does not work unless I press firmly on the sides of the screen. The screen itself is not the problem, I have already tried with a new one. I suspect that there is some problem with the contacts, possibly because the plastic frame is bent a little bit (I suppose that the contact is reestablished through the firm pressing). Here my question:

Can I try to slightly bend a few of the contacts (that connect to the screen) upward or will this destroy the phone?


I wouldn’t do so, as I would expect those contacts to be fragile. And if you should happen to break just one of them, that’s it. You most likely will need a new core module after that.
How old is the phone? If you are still within warranty (2 years), contact support and let them deal with it .
As you say, that the frame is bent, a new cover seems to be the more reasonable approach; in my opinion only, of course.

Thanks for your reply, Bert! Unfortunately, I am out of warranty and a new cover also doesn’t do the trick.
It’s really a shame, I have the feeling that it is something very minor (only the plastic frame of the core module being bent a bit). But as the plastic frame cannot be bought as a spare part (only the whole core module), I don’t know what to do.

But there were users who actually tried this.

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