Problem with playback the downloaded MP4 videos

Is it possible to state the reason why the videos stored in the added memory card cannot be played-back? To my surprise, when I copy the MP4 files (regardless the applied codecs, such as VP9, AV1, H.264, H.265) , even though a warning of an unsupported format, the copied files can be played-back via the Fairphone 4. But after some time (probably couple of hours) the same files cannot be opened any longer. Such problem have appeared not long time ago. The MP4 files which were copied earlier, can be played-back normally. How to solve the problem?

What app do you use to watch the videos? Which OS in which Version do you use, any custom ROM or stock from FP?

Currently, there is Android 13 installed, I tried to employ DMPlayer and HD Video Player, but regardless the selected playback software, the outcome is the same. And as I mentioned already, the files which were copied in the past to the installed memory card can be played-back without any problem. My Fairphone 4 is of original equipment, i.e, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal memory.

I dont know those player, a very good well known is VLC Player in case you want to test.

Do you use a SD card and how is it formatted?

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I use the SD memory card from the beginning and it was formatted once it was installed in my Fairphone. And again, the playback software I use works with no problem with the files I copied in the past. My choice of the playback software was not made randomly, but deliberately, bertaing in mind their features, I have noticed something else. The pictures taken in the past can be displayed normally both in my Fairphone and once they are copied and oppened in my computer. Some of the latest ones can be displayed normally only in my Fairphone. I noticed it some months ago. How to explain such behaviour?

So how is the SD card formatted? For me this clearly sounds like issues with the SD card.


I have just came into the same conclusion. I suspect now that the problem is caused by a poor SD card quality. At the beginning everything worked fine. The problems started to appear about one year of since the card installation. In such case is it possible to recover and back up the stored files? If so, would it be necessary to remove the SD card and connect it to a computer and run relevant recovery software or would it be possible to do it without the card removal?