Problem with Microphone


I’ve been having an issue with my microphone for a long time. I commented with the technical service and they only recommended send it for repairing, but before doing that, luckily, thanks to a FAIRPHONE ANGEL, I did some tests on my own and found the problem. So, I want to share it here, in case is useful to anyone.

I think this might apply to any version of FAIRPHONE.

My particular problem was: the microphone stopped functioning randomly, but only the option of recording (meaning, recording in whatsapp, voice recorder, and also the video in the camera, or the Google dictation), however, phone calls worked perfectly fine. When this happened, I had to restart my phone and everything worked again for a while. But then, it happened again.

Well, what I did was: first, restart my phone after one of those moments where mic was failing, and just let it charge during the night. Next morning was still working, so it was not something just happening with the time. So, then, I started uninstalling apps that use mic, one by one and testing mic before and after unstalling, so there we go!: IT WAS ALL ZOOM APP FAULT.
Once I uninstalled Zoom, everything else (I checked all the apps) was working, until, again, I reinstalled Zoom.

I have no idea about Why, and now I cannot use Zoom in my phone which is a bit annoyiing because I use it frequently. But at least I found the problem and now I won’t need to be restarting my phone every other time.

I hope this is useful for someone. If your mic is not working and you want to avoid send it for repair or fabric restart deleting everything, be patient and try your apps, one by one.



Thanks for sharing. I have the Zoom App installed on my FP4 and no issues, so I think there might be more settings etc. adding to it…

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I don’t have Zoom installed, but I noticed that sometimes people complain about my microphone when I speak on loudspeakers. Next time it happens, I will try to restart. Thanks for sharing!

Hello, thanks for the feedback.

I have an update, in fact: after a couple of days without using Zoom, it was working well but, suddenly, it stopped working again and, this time, something else happened: it started vibrating for no reason every few seconds. I turned off the vibration for a while, restarted the phone, and since then (one day now), is working perfectly fine. I think there might be something else, I agree, but I’ve looked at the apps I use more often and can’t find another “guilty” app. At least without Zoom, it’s happening more rarely, so that’s a big step.

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I am updating this for myself, since I am not getting any feedback, but in case someone is in the same situation…
And to clarify that the issue IS NOT SOLVED, in case someone is reading.

I just realized that it happens again always, also after doing a video-call using Whatsapp. After that, the microphone stops working not only in Whatsapp but also in the Camera, etc, BUT not in the phone calls. Is a mystery… Y don´t do Whatsapp Video Calls frequently, so I did not realize before.

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