Problem with data roaming


I live in Switzerland and have been working near the French border for some months. I’ve never activated data roaming.
Everything was fine until ~2 months ago where my bill increased because I’ve been supposedly using the French network. It seems the phone is still sending something on the 4G even though the roaming is turned off.
I can see on my bill how much bandwidth I’ve used, and it’s only 100ko here and there (and it’s probably lower than that, my provider counts the data in slices of 100ko). So it’s not like the phone is totally ignoring the roaming configuration. It’s probably just one process, that do a little thing while ignoring the configuration.

Since the problem appeared 2 months ago, I guess it’s related to Android 6?
I’m working elsewhere now so I’m fine for the time being, but this bug should be corrected asap.
Also, in the meantime, what would be a solution? rollback to android 5?

Thank you

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