Problem to connect my headphone (Sony) to the FP3 by bluetooth

Hi !

I just received my Fairphone 3. Everything is working quite well but I cannot connect my headphone to the Fairphone.

My Sony Headphone is supposed to connect easily to the phone by bluetooth ; it worked really well with my last smartphone.
My headphone still connects with other devices (computer, former smartphone) so I’m sure that it is working and has no damage concerning its ability to connect by bluetooth. And the bluetooth connection of my new Fairphone (3) also works because I succeed in connecting other connected devices.
The only one not working is my Sony headphone. The fairphone doesn’t detect it at all ; it doesn’t appear as an “available devices” in the “Bluetooth settings”.
I tried several time and rebooted the Fairphone ; the problem remains.

How can one explain this incompatibility ? Is their any solution ?


Just to make sure: You did start pairing mode on your headphones, didn’t you?

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Same problem here with SONY WH-XB900N.
Pairing was on and so on. And tried both NFC and Bluetooth but the device coul not pair.

I have requested the support from FP, but…
Any idea?



Please check with Sony if your headphones support one of the protocols that the FP3 officially supports: