Problem storing on my SD card in FP2

I have a micro SD card installed in the slot on my FP2. I have currently used about 13Gb of it storing certain apps, audio and images. This seems to have happened automatically since I installed it, I haven’t had to select the SD card to save things on or been prompted to.
However, certain apps I have recently tried to download the system has told me there’s not enough room and I’ve been asked to delete apps to make space. I have also had trouble downloading music (Spotify) and podcasts (AntennaPod) as it tells me there is not enough room.
I have given all apps permission in App permissions -> storage so I don’t really know what else to do. Can you help me get things to save on the SD card automatically now that my internal storage is full. Some things have written on to the disc so the system is clearly giving it permission for some things but not others.
Can anyone help? thanks. ps am running Android 6.0.1

Hi Ben!

Did you try already to format your SD card as internal storage?

If not you can do this like following:

settings -> storage & usb -> SD card -> 3 dots right upper corner -> settings -> format as internal

But attention: all data and files on your SD card will get deleted with formating! So its recommend to save all data from SD card to your pc before.

kind regards

I do not recommend to use the SD card as internal storage. I find the separate storage easier to handle and less error prone.

To find out where your storage has gone, go to settings -> storage.

Select internal storage and your phone will calculate what takes how much space. Afterwards, you can move media and pictures to the SD card, for example.


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