Problem: Sim adapter stuck in sim slot 1


Just received my Fairphone yesterday, wanted to start using it but couldn’t remove the sim adapter in slot 1… It comes out a couple of mm but seems to be stuck somewhere. Don’t know how much pressure I can put on it without damaging anything.

Has anyone had similar issues? Is there a trick (push/draw in a certain direction) to slide it out?


HI @Kato

Do you mean removing the adapter out of the 3-adapters-plastic? Or out of the phone? Perhaps this video can help.

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Hi @Robin,
It’s stuck in my phone I’m afraid: the blue sim adapter is stuck in sim slot 1 (without a sim - as for all new phones) and is just not moving…


It is one of the adapters for a nano/micro-sim right? If so, I think a little of pressure won’t do any harm. But I can’t really help you from here. Just be careful and use your own ‘feeling’. If it’s not coming out ‘kind of smooth’, then something’s probably wrong. In the worst case: if you break it, such adapters most of the time won’t cost any more than 5-10 euros.

@Robin - good news: it just came out, I did use a little more pressure! so problem solved :slight_smile:

it must have been stuck in the grooves on the sim adapter… anyway, happy that I can use both sim slots now!

Glad it worked out for you. :slight_smile: Happy Fairphone-ing !