Problem saving photos

Hi there
I have recently inserted an SD Card and formatted to work only with this phone. It autmatically copied photos and some apps onto it but I had no Chance to control what goes onto the SD Card. Is there a way to control that?

Also, since then my phone does not safe photos anymore, I get an error message every time saying “there was a Problem saving your photo or Video”.

Can anybody help me fix this? I suppose the camera doesn’t know where to safe the photo? or is the SD Card not the right one?

thanks for any hint how to fix this

Perhaps there’s something helpful in earlier discussions …

Thank you for pointing out the thread.
there is much talk about moving Apps to SD card, but I haven’t found an answer to my question:
How can I make the camera save pictures to the SD-card?

thanks for any hint.

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actually, I found an answer now:slight_smile:looks like I need to download another camera app to allow the choice of storage location. so will try that.
thanks again!

OpenCamare should be a nice choice.
In recent android versions there are in general a lot of problems to work / circumvent the wirte restrictions to SD cards by android itself :-/

Thanks for the suggestion therob! glad its not just me and me phone. Just seems odd that such a supposedly simply thing is so hard. I guess ‘they’ want you to store all your data in the various clouds…

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