Problem charging from USB wall socket


I couldn’t find this reported anywhere so here it is:

I have a double plug socket with two dedicated USB ports for charging USB devices. It’s rated as 2.1A / 5V. The phone (FP 2 / Android 5.1) seems to charge as expected, however the touchscreen becomes practically unusable when connected to either of the 2 ports available: it becomes hyper-sensitive and often completely unresponsive. The only way to carry on is to ‘lock’ the phone, then unlock it, but even then the problem persists a few seconds later.

If it helps, the exact model of the wall socket is here

Any ideas on how to solve this? I have two of these USB-containing sockets and the problem is repeated on both of them, ruling out a problem with the sockets themselves.

Other than this, love the phone, thanks!


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