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Hey everybody,
Because I saw often now that new users can not PM other users and instead leave their email-adresses on the forum. I wanted to create a space to discuss the pros and cons of giving new users the possibility to send private messages.

In my opinion (and because I hate spam-emails) I would like to promote changing the rule for PMs for new users. To still prevent users to spam around everywhere I would suggest something like new users can send PMs to exactly one user (until they become basic users).
On the other hand we could argue that the requirements to become a basic user are quite small so people become that quickly.

The forums I saw that was especially in the FP marketplace and for example while inviting to events so everybody can contact you.

What do you think?

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Maybe we can whitelist certain threads, which level you up (e.g. I read posts in Topic T and subsequently I can send PMs)?

PS: We should discuss this with the admins. May I ask you, @Techaddict, for your opinion? :slight_smile:

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You mean, you could send PMs to everybody in the thread then? That would be a good idea but might not be easy to program if possible at all…

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This wouldn’t help those new users who don’t know what a PM is (which is far from uncommon in the marketplace thread). For that specific thread, it may be more effective to add a brief explanation to the original post (though people have a hard time reading the Welcome to the forum banner as it is, let alone that they would read an original post before replying).

For the record, this instance of discourse appears to run the default settings explained here:
(I.e. Taking at least 10 minutes to enter 5 topics to read 30 posts gets you basic user privileges).

Also, it may be the case that new users can only reply 3 times to each topic (seems to be default) - not sure how many people got caught out by that one.

Threads are quite different from the PM system. I don’t think there’s any mechanism to check whether a PM is allowed to a specific user based on overlap in a thread. What Stefan is writing about is having a trigger thread, i.e. a thread where posting automatically grants basic user status to anyone who posts there. It does not overrule the user levels, it just accelerates progression through them.
I know you can have triggers on badges, it may be possible to use this system on user levels as well.

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Hi! Maybe it’s possible that a new user only can send PMs when a basic user write a PM to that user or “unblock” him for PMs for a certain timespan, I think something like that would be great! Best Regards :smiley:

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That sounds like a good idea!