Privacy Questions FP4

And if was, they would just only access to my phone like a discovered or hacked pin or password.

I didn’t expect such a lively discussion. Although one or two points are valid, I will still not opt for the “more convenient” option (using the fingerprint reader).

I also hope that someone can give me an answer to my second question (covering the selfie camera). Thanks in advance

If you rarely use it you can remove it completely, the phone works fine without it.
The sensor arrays left and right of the camera make it hard to fit a slider, your best bet would be a circular one that’s attached below the cam, not sure if that exists. Something involving magnets might work, but could interfere with the speaker :thinking:

I’d go to an office supply store, buy a pack of those little round stickers (bonus: different colors :rainbow: :upside_down_face:) and just switch them out when they don’t stick anymore.

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Or remove it, cover in nail varnish or a sticker and replace it ??

Surprising. All EU passports use fingerprints The only country I actually know using facial recognition is New Zealand. So, are you a :kiwi_fruit:?.. :grinning:

This is getting a bit off topic, but just to correct a possible misconception. My French gf’s passport uses facial topology, though I’m not saying fingerprints couldn’t be used too. I’ll ask her.
As for me, there’s no emoji (nearest would be :lemon:, not very complimentary) but as a hint I’m strong on vitamine C.

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