Privacy Impact: change settings for app notifications after determination at first use of app in PI-popup

Privacy Impact (PI) pops up when you start an app for the first time.

(PI’s main function and use may be that it helps you considering definitely using that app - as it gives an estimate of the app’s impact on your privacy (ie, eg, access private data, use network, receive GPS information, …). You might choose to uninstall the app in question again immediately if PI is said to be high.)

PI’s other feature is to allow you to choose wether or not you want to see notifications of that newly used app.
I now find that once you’ve [taken notice of the PI level, as described above, and] chosen a setting concerning an app’s notification behaviour, there is no way to reset/change those settings anymore. Except, of course, by un- and reinstalling that app.
Am I right? Or is there a quicker, proper way? Ideal would be if there was a mode of PI where all apps installed are listed, and where one can, for each app, [call in mind again it’s PI level, and] set the notifications settings.

Something like the following dummy screenshot sketch:

You might want to have a look at Settings / Audio & Notifications / Notifications.
Is this what you are searching for?

I like the idea to show a list of already installed apps with their Privacy Impacts. I think this should be realized as a separate installable app, if normal apps can read the permissions of other apps.

But I don’t understand why the notification settings should be next to the Privacy Impacts. Notifications don’t affect the privacy in the sense of Privacy Impact (“Datenschutz”).

oooops… hehe, yup, indeed: that’s what I’ve been looking for…!
How could I NOT find it?!? Really…!! I prbbl was mislead by it being the PI pop-up window where one initially sets the notifications behaviour. So I looked for ways to change settings within PI.

thx nevertheless, though!

that the notification settings could be next to the indicators of PI level isn’t my idea. The PI interface that pops up when you first start an app, does that already.
Notifications certainly DO have an impact on privacy - however, (you’re right about that! sure!) not in the sense of data protection (Datenschutz). Yet nonetheless so as in: my peace of mind and my capacity of attention and my time in general are precious - private - goods.


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