Primary microphone problem

Recently the loudspeakers and microphones didn’t work. I got an advice from a Fairphone supporter to put in a new bottom module. I did so and after some restarts everything worked well. But only two weeks later the primary microphone didn’t work again.

I checked the bottom module twice. Each time I rearranged two little movable metal contacts on the bottom module. The microphone was ok afterwards (for a short period of time…). I’m not sure whether this is the reason for the trouble. If so, has someone an idea how to fix those contacts to remain steady? These little metal contacts are very vulnerable and I suppose they’ll break after my next rearrangement.

Have you cleaned the contacts with isopropyl alcohol?

No, I didn’t. Just lifted the contacts a littlebit.

So maybe try giving them a clean - the contacts on both parts, see if it makes a difference. I’ve found that whenever I take my FP2 apart, its reliability upon reassembling is much improved when I clean all the contacts.

Thank you, I’ ll try with alcohol…

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