Primary microphone broken for one month and no response from the support

It has been one month today since I sent my first request to the support (Request #216741). This first request went silent. So I looked on the forum to find some help and read that calling the support was faster. Since the french number didn’t work, I called the english one and find someone who sent me a 3 steps procedure. I followed it (updating the OS., changing the SIM card and reinitializing it) and no solution was working. So I kept on sending request messages but no one has given me an answer since. Now I am begining to lose patience to put my loadspeaker on every time I am having a call especially at work. I am now trying my last chance and sending a message on the Forum.

Why don’t you just call again?

I agree with Paula.
Sending a message or rather posting to the forum is in no way a chance (let alone the last one), as it is a community forum, where Fairphone employees rather erratically visit. For support requests this is likely the last place they go looking.
Calling them is the way to go.

Yet, I guess you noticed the banner on the starting page about festive season?
So, don’t expect mail support before next year.

To be clear, I feel for you; it’s just that you draw the wrong conclusions or take the wrong steps.

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