Prevent LineageOS 15.1 from closing apps

Hi everyone,
I do not have much hope for this topic, but anyway…
When I open a few apps in parallel (e.g. a music player, web browser, instant messenger…) sometimes LOS15.1 will just close the music player.
A little icon appears “PowerAmp is using battery” at the top when that happens - so it must be a force-close done by the OS.
What I have done:
Set every app that should not do this to “Not battery-optimized” and set the device speed to the highest setting and disabled all battery-saving options.
Did help a little, but not much.
LOS14 did not do that, and it’s extremely annoying because it forces me to start my music player over and over again. And if it is force-closed, it does not even remember the time the music stopped and the tracks starts all over again.
Is there anything I can do…?

I don’t have anything on the closing (sorry), but on the notification …

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