Preparing guides for the FP3

It’s a bit too early now that nobody actually owns an FP3 yet, but soon after we should start updating and rewriting some guides to include info about the FP3.

I prepared 3 hidden tags. Hidden means that non-moderators don’t see these tags in the topic list and can’t add them to topics - so they are not accidentally added somewhere, but the links below should still work for everybody and take you to a list of tagged topics:

  • #fp3guide - already existing guides about the FP3 or including info about the FP3. These will have to be updated once people have actual experience with the phone
  • #updateforfp3 - guides that should at one point be updated to include info about the FP3
  • #rewriteforfp3 - guides that should probably not be updated, but rather new similar guides about the FP3 should be written.

I have not tagged all existing guides and of course which guides should be updated and which should be re-written is not set in stone. Feel free to discuss here.


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