Power button not working FP2

Hello all,
since today my power button is not working…
But the phone is charging and once i could manage to fix it during some time.

I opened the FP2, and i looked at the button. Then i removed the cam module, to have a better look to all what is surrounding the power button. After this, the button worked again, but one hour later it is not working anymore. I repeated all again, but nothing.
Any help or clues?


If you have a slim cover you could try if swapping the power button with the camera button solves your problem.


For an explanation how to swap the buttons:

ATTENTION when swapping buttons:
The buttons have rounded edges on one side. Make sure to fix them in the right way (rounded eges facing down) or you will have to take them off, turn them around and fix them again. I can tell you from experience, that it’s a bit annoying. :wink:

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I apparently fixed the problem. I did following:
Inspired by this : https://www.dropbox.com/s/dc6nmx0pa2g5fgz/Blackscreen.mp4?dl=0 (from this threat Screen can not be activated by pressing the power button)

i pushed strongly but smoothly this part of the phone*, and since then no more problems. But now, i downloaded two apps, one to unblock the screen moving the phone and one which changed my power button (just in case if this happens again).

*But not where the screen is, instead i pushed the back of the phone. A bit under the cam, where the `cable´goes from the button to the other end.


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