Power button does not work in FP1 recovery

Hi! I can not turn on my fairphone (1st edition) any more. It’s stucked in a mode beginning with the blue display (for some seconds), then LOADING appears and then the display turns black again- then the blue display appears again and so on. The only possibility to end the circle is to take out the battery.
I already tried it with a working battery from a friend’s phone, but it still did not work; also tried it with another cable; put in and out SIM cards and so on.
Also “hard reset” does not work: When I press the “volume” and “power” button, “No command” appears, but when I press the “Power” button afterwards, nothing is happening.

Can anyone help me with this? Any ideas what I can do?
Thanks a lot, Dani

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First of all: Welcome to the forum and thank you for providing so much info. It seems as if you’d tried everything before posting here. I really appreciate this attitude! :thumbsup:

What you are experiencing is similar to this thread over at android-central:


Have you tried entering recovery mode again (volume-up + power button)?

Hi Stefan! thanks for your nice words and quick reply. Sorry for not introducing myself to the forum and so on, but i’m really desperate with my phone, having two SIM-Cards in it (work and private). When I press Volume-up and power button, “no command”- android- robot appears, but then i do not know to to do next. when i press the power button again nothing happens.

No problem! :blush: I understand your frustrating situation. I’ve been left with a blue screen also on various occasions… :stuck_out_tongue:

Does any of the other buttons do anything (e.g. the soft buttons below the touchscreen)?

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No, seems like no button is working anymore…

Hey Dani,
did you find any solution back in 2015? I am having the exact same problem right now - stuck in Bootloop and in Factory/Recovery mode my Power Button does not work, so that i only see the “no command” android-guy…

I think that your power button is broken. Please do the following:

If the “test” is positive, read the posts of that topic.

I’m closing this thread, let’s continue in the other topic.