Power bank for Fairphone3+

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I want to buy this power bank: Powerbank 12000 mAh » Rechargeable battery » Fresh 'n Rebel, but I wonder about this limit of 3A for Fairphone3+ cause, in this case, it’s 3.1A. Will it somehow damage the battery? Does it influence QC? Or it would be better to buy something in the limits (2.1A): Powerbank 6000 mAh » Fast-charging backup battery » Fresh 'n Rebel

Let me know your thought :slight_smile:

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Following your link the spec says
USB output: 5V/3.1A max.
USB-C input: 5V/2.1A max.
USB-C output: 5V/2.1A max.

The output ~ to the USB-C is only 2.1A
Even if it were 3.1A it would be OK as the phone only takes the current it requires, current is not a force that is decided by the voltage and 5V is spot on.

The FP3 battery is less than 15w, maybe 13 to 14 depending upon final voltage.
The maximum charge would be around 3A but as said Amps is not a force and can only be driven by the voltage. The phone itself will control the battery charging voltage to about 4.4V and even 3.1A would only produce 13.6Watts. Given there are loses here and there no prob.

I have connected my phone to a Raspberry Pi power supply 5V 3.1A and it is really like a slow charger :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for this quick answer!

Do I understand correctly that in both cases it will be only slow charging? Could you maybe recommend some quick power bank options for FP3? :slight_smile:

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If no one can recommend, here is the official Qualcomm list

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How slow is slow?
My Belkin 12V to 5V adapter can provide 2.4A and at that rate can provide 12watts which should be able to charge my battery from 30% to 80% (some 7.5Ah) in well under an hour, however the best I get is a 1.5 hours.

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