Post-Update SMS Not Pushing

Firstly: sorry if this is too similar to my old post; my old thread was automatically closed.
I’ve been having issues with my calls and SMS since the big update.
During a call, my screen is completely dark and it won’t even light up after the call. Then the screen lock button stays unresponsive for a few seconds.
With my SMS, I’ve switched to the Messages app since the old one was automatically deleted during the update, but I opened up the app today to find a couple of days worth of SMS messages that I don’t recall ever getting notified about. I have gone into settings and set the preferences up and ringtone volume to max, but I’m still not getting push notifications for my messages or tones to alert me of a reviewed message.
If anyone has any tips on this, I’d greatly appreciate some help.
Thanks in advance.

Hey I think I might have solved the txt issue. The pushes were blocked from app settings as well as general settings. So that’s my bad.
I’m still having the issues with the calls.

Yo. In case anyone was interested/having the same problem, I’ve heard from users of other phones that you can disable the touch screen interface and just use the hardware buttons…
Somewhat useful if you know how to do that but that’s all I’ve got.
If anyone can figure it out, please throw me a bone.

Update: vibrate still works during black screen calls.

I’ve discovered that the other apps recommence after the phone call ends but the screen still stays black.

If whoever I’m calling hangs up on me, I have to press the screen lock button to actually turn the screen off and then again to unlock it and resume the other apps.

Regarding the black screen this may fit:

Thank you very much. This is a start.

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