Possible workshops at #EFCT18

Continuing the discussion from :star: Save the date: European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2018 (13/8 - 19/8/2018):

If you have an idea for a workshop at #efct18 or can even hold one yourself, please add it to the list: :slight_smile:

  • a day at Fairphone testing @Lidwien nothing to test at the moment and no back log at the support team :slight_smile:
  • presentation about FairCoop by Local Node Amsterdam (14/8 or 15/8 would probably work best) @paulakreuzer
  • repairs, not just replacing the modules, open them and hit them with the soldering iron (@ElKrasso)
  • which free libre open source software (floss) apps should be preinstalled and how to get a floss fairphone setup easier than finding out everything for yourself for hours and months if you do not happen to be a nerd? @Marie1
  • pizza or pasta meal (or…) creation @Marie1
  • How to git in order to be able to help out over at Github @Stefan
  • Wikipedia hackathon: get a beginners intro into wikipedia editing by people from the wikimedia foundation and then work on a list of pages related to Fairphone to improve them. @Douwe never responded
  • :eight_spoked_asterisk: Ideas to go Zero-Waste or Plastic-free at home (making your own deoderant, washing soap, shampoo etc.) @Friek
  • Explanation (with/without demo) about Google Apps (services etc). How to use/install OpenGAPPS or microG and what their differences are. @Friek
  • :eight_spoked_asterisk: Circular Economy @lina1
  • State of the Fairphone Angels Program and ideas. @werner_noebauer and @Stefan

:eight_spoked_asterisk: = will take place


It is still not sure for me to come to Amsterdam, but I would like to see a repair workshop. Open the modules and swapping some SMT parts by having an official bill of material.
Therefor I added:

repais, not just replacing the modules, open them and hit them with the soldering iron

Is this building open for group tours?

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What is a mystery to me - what are google apps exactly, differenct between the opengapps, microG, spoofing, nlp etc…

Please add it to the list above. :blush: Also your other idea. :seedling: :shower:

If anybody has inerest in making you own stuff - start collecting empty soap or deoderant bottles etc. at home. You can them fill them at the #efct18

When will the workshops be fixed? I need to know, if I should prepare something.

Are you volunteering for organizing the workshop day? :wink: The workshops will be fixed when someone gets in charge of fixing them. Someone needs to contact the people that suggested a workshop and arrange the details. Unfortunately we don’t know yet, which day will be the workshop day… :confused:

@Friek If you are still in, your proposed workshop will take place. How much time do you estimate for it?

See the #EFCT18 Schedule to find out about the workshop day. :slight_smile: