Possible to display ONLY current time in locked screen?

Hi there,
when the FP2 is locked and I click the screen-on button, is it possible for the current time to be displayed. I’m used to using my phone to check the time, but now I get annoying useless information like ‘peace of mind’ or what time the battery is going to die, which seem to appear randomly instead of each other, and I have to scroll two or three times just to see the current time. Any advice/assistance to completely remove these annoying gimmicks?


or sometimes it shows how long I have owned the fairphone - hardly essential information to constantly be displayed!


Have a look over here: Remove peace of mind and privacy impact

You did not get how it works: to change these mentioned items just tap on them. To unlock the sceen just swipe from bottom up. If you do so every time, you will never get any other entry but time.


Hi there,
thanks for your reply Spielmops. I do get it (I think). I understand you can swipe between the four items, but I know that I will never want to see the other items. I’m wondering if I can switch them off completely. It’s unimportant to me how long I have owned the phone etc. I certainly don’t need to have access to that information on my lock screen. Where you say “you will never get other entry but time”: this is probably true in a calm environment, with calm gestures, e.g. in my office, but in stressful hurried situations, e.g. on the tube, whatever way I lift the phone out of my pocket and push the button, I keep seeing the battery and fairphone ownership and peace of mind info. all the time. In busy situations, when maybe I only have one hand free and I just want to know the time - this is frustrating.


thanks jochensp, but this is way beyond my expertise. I’m not a phone programmer, I just am a phone user.

Ok, your phone is a good training-partner. Keep in mind, that such a stressful environment and busy behaviour is not good for your health, you will eventually get an heart-attack. Keep calm! Try it with the lock-screen of your FP2: calm down, breath one time slow and wipe it slow and with respect for the device and love for it …

Spielmops :wink:


LOL, maybe you’re right.

Hey thee. Same issue and, while I’m a very zen person, I just don’t care ever to see how long I’ve owned the phone for and the rest of those info. FP’s high customizability is one of the reasons that make me love it as a user/owner, there’s gotta be a way to change this setting other than “live with it”.

Halp? Anyone?


I can totally agree with users who wish to see just the current time.
What is even more annoying and sometimes confusing, is, when one expects to see the current time, but the phone shows the “battery will last until”-time. If you don’t look very carefully, you might be mislead by this.


All it takes to get the current time on the lock screen is the next thing.
Just tab until you have the current time on the lock screen,
swipe from button up
Now the Fairphone has learned you want to see the current time.
Next time you unlock the screen you wil see the current time.


I’m with you - I have to regularly put it back to the time, I guess it gets spurred by accident in day to day life. I’d also prefer to have the option of time only.


+1 from myself.
All I need is the time on the lock screen … The other stuff is pretty much useless



I’ve been browsing android and FP forum about this, but with no success : I don’t like the peace of mind widget showing up when my phone is locked. In fact I’d just like to have the time when my phone is locked. How can I turn off that app ? Some people talk about settings>Sound and Notification>Interruption, but I don’t have an “Interruption” item in there. A FP manual says that I “can find it on the home panel”, and I can’t figure what they mean by that cause it’s definitely not on my home screen.

Does anybody knows ? Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello Lidwien

I’am afraid than my phone is not that clever: :slight_smile:
I can switch to the clock, even if it is not easy (I have to try to do it some times before make it works), but when I try to reactivate again, then the mails are on the lock screen and not the watch!

Best Regards

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Well, I’ve put on a new lock screen (as a potential workaround from another thread to stop the phone locking up so much). It didn’t work, but at least I always have the time! (App is Echo Lockscreen).

I am completely with you - one have to see the current time in any usage scenerio straight at the lockscreen!

Therefore I created this corresponding feature request:
“Add the current time in the notification bar inside the lock screen (from January)”.
Go ahead and vote for it if you like it (which of course doesn’t mean anything for future updates, it’s just a community vote!)

And yes: to make the clock always visible in the notification bar is not the real solution you asked about in this thread (as you want to just replace the clickable clock-wigdet by the current time), but it would at least always show you the current time and not remove any other features others maybe like.

Cheers, Robert


I had no idea how much I relied on my phone to quickly check the time until I started using my new Fairphone this week. It definitely does not reliably stay set to display the time as others have reported and yes, having to unnessessarily swipe just to see the time is genuinely frustrating. When it occurs repeatedly throughout the day, everyday, it very quickly starts to impact negatively on the user experience.


As @nicklear mentions above, one option is to replace the lockscreen in its entirety. (a workaround based on ‘there’s an app for that’)

I’ve not tried any personally, and I’m hesitant to recommend any specific one. I’d recommend searching for ‘lockscreen’ in your favourite app store to check what the options are. There are quite some review sites out there that can help you decide as well. Some lockscreen apps will have specific features that you might find useful, such as seeing notifications on the lockscreen (see a discussion about that on this forum can be found here).

As always, your mileage may vary. Also note that if you use a custom lockscreen to set non-standard unlocks (e.g. a 5x5 pattern grid), you can be locked out of your phone if the app stops working for some reason (app/system update, gremlins). Having a backup before experimenting with any apps that are designed to keep people out of your phone is always a good idea, just in case the app decides you’re one of the people it wants to keep out.

This is an inelegant solution. Adding more bloat should not be the solution when less functionality is what is required. Why is the ‘peace of mind’ widget being forced on users? It should be possible to switch this off. Who owns the phone after all?