Possible to buy or 3D-print custom FP3 backcovers?

Hello guys,

I am a happy owner of an FP3, but so is my gf and other members of the family and it is getting harder and harder to distinguish the phones.
So I was wondering if there was a blueprint to design and 3D-print my own FP3 Backcover (the thin plastic layer, that has to be removed in order to access the battery and SIM and SD cards, and which also contains the glued-in FAIRPHONE letters, that tend to fall off after some time) or if it was possible to buy them from fairphone.com directly (upload a custom svg/png (potentially with transparency), place it somewhere on the backcover and then just hit print and deliver :wink: ).

I couldn’t find either so far and thought I’d ask here. Would be the perfect birthday gift imo :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community forum!
AFAIK the blueprints weren’t officially released by Fairphone, though you may want to have a look at this, made by a community member :wink::

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Alright, thx! I’ll see how far I can get with that.

If anyone has a scan or fitting 3D-model of just the backcover, please let me know :pray:

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Did you read the entire thread I linked? I think some have uploaded some scans of the backcover as well.

I just browsed through the thread again and couldn’t find anything else other than the original post of the full and closed Fairphone3 model and some pictures of a 3D-printed case for an FP3.

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