Porting LineageOS to FP2

Netflix seems to be blocking devices with root access. AFAIK, there’s a new kernel patch from Lineage OS devs that could bypass this by hiding su.

P.S.: that’s exactly why DRM is an horripilant thing)



Why not trying out my latest stuff.

The only thing that really cause issues now is:

  • Device encryption: don’t try it. It’s not going to boot.

Kernel and device trees need serious cleanup before official lineage is going to be accepted.


Sounds great! :grinning: I’ll give it a try at the Weekend.

Ok, I got it running. So far, whatever I tried it worked without a flaw. I’ll give it a try over the weekend and will share my experience. :grin:


This sounds awesome!
Almost too good to be true…:heart_eyes:

Just to get this right…
There is now a LineageOS 14 (aka. Nougat) port to the Fairphone that works pratically without any (major) limitations in term of camera, gps, sound etc. support?

This would mean that the community (meaning @z3ntu & @chrmhoffmann) managed to bring the (supposedly unsupported) Nougat to the FP2 even before the FP open OS Marshmallow is released.
Awesome job guys!

Do you think this port is already fit for everyday use?


To be fair, Nougat is not per-se unsupported. Just Google/Qualcomm wouldn’t approve of Nougat on the Snapdragon 801 at the moment. The community is in fact free to go.

Read more here:

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I noticed that FM radio does not work yet.


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Just to be sure: Dual SIM works with your port?
If yes, I’d be glad to test this. :slight_smile:
It’s really cool what you did so far! :blush:

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Well done!
Is there any guide to install lineage OS 14.1 on fp2? Where can I find the rom and a custom recovery (like TWRP) if it is necessary?
Thank you


@chrmhoffmann posted the link https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=817550096634770220

Then you probably want to create a backup, wipe the data partition, flash the zip and reboot.

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You have to try dual SIM. It should work, but I have only one sim at hand.



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Thank you, it works like a charm. I can confirm the issue reported by @jnsp.

I was able to build with @chrmhoffmann’s sources using the following local manifest file:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <remote fetch="https://github.com/" name="github2" />
    <project name="chrmhoffmann/android_device_fairphone_FP2" path="device/fairphone/FP2" remote="github2" revision="cm-14.1" />
    <project name="chrmhoffmann/android_kernel_fairphone_msm8974" path="kernel/fairphone/msm8974" remote="github2" revision="cm-14.1" />
    <project name="chrmhoffmann/proprietary_vendor_fairphone" path="vendor/fairphone/FP2" remote="github2" revision="cm-14.1" />

Edit: Regarding device encryption, might also be a general Lineage OS bug. I will try out the workaround (with FP Open OS) and report back.


I would also love to compile my own Lineage OS :smiley:

Can you provide some basic instructions for what you did?

So far I have been following this guide.

Can you point me to what I need to change to make it work with @chrmhoffmann 's changes? (How to create the local_manifests and to include it in the build and other stuff…)

Just follow any build guide from the Lineage OS wiki, for example this one.

Follow it until “Download the source code”. Then, in android/lineage/ create a new directory:
mkdir .repo/local_manifests

Inside that directory, create the fp2.xml file with vi or nano:
vi .repo/local_manifests/fp2.xml
And paste the content from my previous post inside that file.

After that, resync your source code:
repo sync -c -j8

Finally, build the image by running the following:
source buid/envsetup.sh
breakfast FP2
brunch FP2

Depending on your computer, this might take a while :wink:


FYI, the workaround did not work for me.

I’d suggest using this Docker image, which has a reputation to work pretty well, and solves a lot of environment problems. Only problem I had with that was my refurbished server overheating, absolutely non-related with the Docker image.

If anyone choose to go with this route, don’t hesitate to contact me! I can help to setup the thing for the FP2 (pretty much the directions given by @jnsp above, but skipping the environment setup).

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Confirming Dual SIM works without problems until now together with the latest FP OS modem files.

You can easily install them with this zip: Using LineageOS on the FP2

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