Poll: What version operating system are you using on your Fairphone?

  • FP 1.0
  • FP 1.1
  • FP 1.2
  • FP 1.3
  • FP 1.5 (FP1U)
  • “Stock” Android
  • Other?

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Find out what version you have by opening the “Fairphone Updater” app.

What’s the difference between 1.3 and 1.5? Feature and/or bug fix wise I mean.

1.5! And absolutely no issue from what I’ve seen until now…

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I guess we’ll get a changelog as/when they release the update to us @Jerry . Sounds like it fixes the residual issues with GPS and some android security fixes though.

Anyone with v1.5 already won’t necessarily know what the issues are with v1.3 or what might have been added, but good to know @ZoidbergForPresident that you’ve had no issues :smile: