📊 Poll: What OS(es) do you want to run on your next Fairphone (FP3 or later)

I mean fairphone open, not the one that come preinstalled with FP2 atm. But yeah that comes with gapps yes, and should not be called floss.

You are saying FLOSS implying they are FLOSS, you don’t call iOS FLOSS even though many of its components are open source. https://developer.apple.com/opensource/ even the kernel is open source https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/Darwin/Conceptual/KernelProgramming/Architecture/Architecture.html

What you really mean are that they are able to be build and make run on “android hardware”.

iOS is as FLOSS as sailfish, they both got opensource kernel and semi open middleware but closed source UI and apps…

I am more looking forward to the Librem 5 phone itself than to Pure OS. Making a good mobile phone OS is harder then most people think and it will probably take Purism and their community at least a year or two to make it work well. I am guessing I will be switching to Ubuntu Touch soon after I get my Librem 5. But I will be watching the progress and hope they do well. For now, my vote is definitely Ubuntu Touch.

Please do not explain others what „they mean“, that’s rude.


They do have a point, though. It’s kind of important that people understand that while Sailfish OS uses some free components at its core, most of what makes the OS unique is proprietary and distributed under not very friendly licenses. If you want a fully free and open-source phone, Sailfish OS is not the solution you are looking for. I’m a member of the Ubuntu Touch team, so i am obviously biased, but I can tell you that the only proprietary components in Ubuntu Touch are the drivers required to run on some devices.


I don’t mind sailfish or proprietary software. But i do mind when people say something is FLOSS when it’s not. Its kinda insulting when you work so hard on opensource and contribute a lot of free time to make FLOSS an alternative (not only mobile, but desktop too), then someone comes along and say that something is FLOSS when its not!

I just realized that if ubports or any of the floss os teams and fairphone collabed on fp3 we could get an 2nd mainlined phone after librem 5

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For that to happen FP3 would have to serve as a FLOSS flagship with all FLOSS operating systems focusing on it. This would need a lot of communication between Fairphone and the UBPorts team (and maybe Purism for PureOS). Android could come from Fairphone directly just as it is now. Actually FP3 seems to be developed in private, which is a bit sad.

FP3 could be similar to Librem 5 - with a bit of fairness.

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I hoped for the FP2 to run SailfishOS at some time out of the box. The poll back than showed the interest. I even anticipated on that one as there where some rumors about it.

After a while there was a community port but I needed a full image with the licensed parts also(AD and Exchange). When the hope flew I bought a Sony eventually.

I hope this time they will bring out a full SailfishOS device, I will then definitely buy one!

@StephanK Since Fairphone is a player in the market they cannot risk to openly develop a next Fairphone. What would have happened if a competitor would have copied the modular design of FP2? FP2 would not have been the first modular phone in the market.

@BonoNL I remember that Jolla and Fairphone were talking about a cooperation, but they couldn’t reach an agreement.

that actually sounds a like a good way forward a lot of communication between faiphone and floss teams while keeping the designs under a nda

i hope fairphone and ubports can reach an agreement one day

Because /e/ is so popular this thread was linked from https://e.foundation/towards-an-e-fairphone/ which is currently frontpage #1 on HN https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18521970


After the first 100 votes or so the top 3 were LOS, FP(O)OS and Sailfish.
/e/ and Ubuntu both have been pushed by their communities like Sailfish was in the first poll after which it was ported to the FP2.
I don’t mind the poll being a bit unrepresentative if it leads to a similar collaboration and cross-promotion with other communities again.


sailfish was also push by there communities on telegram (same as UT)

LuneOS for me please; it’s webOS continued in open source.
See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LuneOS


Interesting. From reading back in the days I seem to remember webOS did a lot of things right, but like many “actually better than more well-known competition” solutions in IT, it didn’t catch on, even with a big player like HP at the helm in the end.
LG use it for their TVs (if that’s still the case).

LuneOS Wiki and forum don’t look too lively currently.
So … what would LuneOS do better than the “competition” on a smartphone today?

I’m very much an end-user, not a developer but I’ve used webOS on my Palm Pre’s and the user interface is by far the best, very intuitive, they really nailed it. I had to move to a Blackberry with BB10 on it that got in that direction, but that will soon be an even more discontinued OS…
Best to check out YouTube to see webOS in action.
LuneOS is still in development, but this time the period between releases seems to be longer than expected. The developers are quite devoted, though it’s a small group and RL can get in the way.

Is Fairphone interested pairing this free hardware or at least blob free hardware?
I think that would be a good target.

I think only SailfishOS is only on par in terms of manpower to provide a good experience here.

I know it is a long shot but I voted for the Replicant compatibly for a future Fairphone. I think it’s quite vital to address the software ethics that could mark the Fairphone as a champion of ethical issues for both hardware and software.

I understand this requires a good communication between developers at Fairphone and developers of the Replicant project since it involves also the hardware architecture, and not only the OS (having a good modem isolation for instance). I don’t expect an official support from Fairphone developers, but a compatibility, similar to the LineageOS compatibility on the FP2.


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