Poll: What case do you use for your Fairphone 1 + Experiences

I bought a 3d printed case and unfortunately it broke a few days after the purchase. It fell on the floor and protected my phone perfectly but the case itself broke and the strings of the 3d printer material begann to unwrap. I asked the fairphone people if i could get another one and they were very helpful and told me that i can order a second one for free which was great.
The second case broke again after two weeks… there was no problems or difficulties with the printershop tough. its the material that is not suitable, i think. therefore, i can not recommend the current 3d printed case - especially not for the price they charge. I suggest to look for something more like a rubbery material which i havent found yet. so if you have any recommendations, please share them!

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I use the Kancha woven case - really happy with it :smile:

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Look at this topic:

The Kancha case I use seems quite robust - good quality leather. The phone has been dropped a couple of times, and both case and phone have survived!

Good luck in your search!


I don’t use any protective cover on the phone, since IMO it’s already bulky/heavy enough and at the same time quite well designed (at least something done right fairphone, congrats).

I am also not the type of person who handles his phone with utmost care. As to this date i have (always accidentally) dropped the FF from various heights and on different materials. And it shook them off surprisingly well.
Damages on the phon up to this date:
-paint coating comes of from the battery lid at one edge
-several scratches on the white rim around the display which seems to do a VERY good job at protecting the screen
-slightly bent glass

overall it is a very rugged phone, capable of taking a beating without the need for a case.

Just want to clarify it for some people:
Case: http://www.avvy.de/media/images/popup/AVVY_0007_c2.jpg
Sleeve: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0227/4487/products/iPhone-44b_large.jpg?v=1370350938

kancha makes VERY nice sleeves indeed, but please stop recommending them to OP, who clearly asked for cases!

I recently made my own fairphone case out of artificial leather and a copperplate

it has a compartment for cards and banknotes wich is great


You’re lucky, then! I only dropped my phone once, and it broke the touchscreen functionality, which meant that I needed to replace the screen.

I’m now using a 3d printed case :]

being disabled with limited dexterity i need to use a flip case for protection. resent having to buy from dubious sources in china etc as nobody seems to make an ethical flip for the FP

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What material is your case printed from? and how did you get your personalised bit on it?

What material is your case printed from?

This is PLA in the colour brown. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

It is PLA plastic.
I asked the hub (“Marceau” in Paris) if they could perform simple edition of the FP case. The reply was yes. I imagine it is not the only hub where the printer can also perform simple edition. Ask your hubs :smile:

Hi everybody,
after nearly drowning my FP in bottermilk, I bought [this][1] case today
[1]: http://www.rakuten.de/produkt/moses-verlag-gmbh-expedition-natur-wasserdichte-smartphone-huelle-1387277050.html

I will check later, how waterproof it really is (description says 2 meters) but I can use the phone while its in the case

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Que pensez-vous de proposer aussi un “étui portefeuille”, pour protéger le FP, en plus de la coque ?

What do you think of also proposing a “case wallet”, to protect the FP, besides the hull?



If you want an official answer from the Fairphone Team, you should contact them directly via Support. This is a community forum, populated by Fairphone users like you and me.

Personally I don’t think Fairphone needs to offer such a case because there are plenty third-party cases, which fit the Fairphone.

I just switched back to “no case” because I recently lost my cool selfmade case (see above). :frowning:

I usually never took my phone out of the case but this one time I did and I must have put the case down in the tram somewhere. I realized the second the tram-door closed behind me after I got out so I ran home, jumped on my bike and tried to overtake the tram, which I failed at miserably. I checked several trams after they turned at the end of the line but somebody must have already found my case.

Today I received the content of the case by mail (bank-card, e-card, …) which I’m very happy about but I’m wondering why somebody would keep my case. I don’t know if it will fit any other phone and I think the chances another Fairphone user found it and wasn’t fair enough to send it back are very low.

Anyway, long story short, I’ll probably make me a new (better) case soon so if anybody is interested I could probably make more than one and I could take pictures of the process to create a step-by-step guide.


i would like to have kind of this for my fp 2… Do you know if there is a possibility of getting the exact dimensions, so i can order one? thanks! :slight_smile:

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Where do you want to order it?
I made it myself and took the Fairphone as a template. And since it was stolen I can’t tell you the exact dimensions.

It’s not necessary for the FP2, because it has an integrated case in the back cover…

That sucks man. It looked nice.

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