Poll: What case do you use for your Fairphone 1 + Experiences

I ordered the black case as well, it does not fit, because the backside cover of the battery does not fit on its camera side. And so it always moves inside the cover. The Plugs fit only when I push the FP down at the top. Maybe it is possible to change the battery cover so that in this case the cover of the FP fits better?

I’m not using any case, because I really don’t want it to become thicker.

And, in fact, a truly sustainable, durable phone should be stable enough by itself! It shouldn’t be necessary to add anything complementary, such as a cover or a case, for normal use (i.e. as long as you’re not going to use it under extreme (outdoor) conditions).

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I got a similar case an I do agree with all you have said. It looks nice, and seams to be made in top quality!The phone fits perfectly. I even use it with the original blue case. It takes a little time till it really fits well this way, but it works out fine!

I have just got a 3D-printed case. I am pleased with it and agree that it makes the phone less slippery. As has been noted the plastic is pretty tough so I’m not sure what will happen when I need to take it off - I tried the method above (thanks for the tip, Slinky) and couldn’t free it from the bottom left part of the case, but I will try again later. I imagine that steam would help but I don’t want to boil my phone! A more “rubbery” version would be good, I think.

Update: I did manage to prise the cover off by inserting a blunt pair of tweezers under the rim - this is a bit of a fiddle and obviously you have to be careful not to damage your phone but the case was fine afterwards and the phone snapped back in.

“A more “rubbery” version would be good, I think.”

That’s right Alison_Classe. My brother 3D printed fairphone cases for me (retro and geometric inspired style). Instead of using ABS filament, I requested to print it in rubber-like filament due to its flexibility and it doesn’t break easily.

I have the official black case which is ok for the phone. I dropped it twice and nothing got wrong but like a lot of you, I can’t use my headphones and USB cables while the case is on. I need to remove the case whenever I want to use them. Pity !!

protects well enough, all buttons accessible, earphone plugs/USB connection: no problem. no scratches either…

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I use a 3D printed case. It works well and is hard plastic (I expected it to be a bit more rubbery). Like others I also find it makes it easier to hold the phone.

I chose the official case (blue).
At first the phone did not match very good, but it was better after some time.
I am quite happy with the case now. It already has a number of scratches - those would now be on the phone without it.

But i have the suspicion the case might be designed based on outdated specifications. It would match better if it was only .5mm thicker. Remember, in the early specs, the FP1 appr. .5mm thinner than finally.

About the look: the case is available in black/grey and lightblue/blue. I think black/blue would look best.

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I bought a 3d printed case and unfortunately it broke a few days after the purchase. It fell on the floor and protected my phone perfectly but the case itself broke and the strings of the 3d printer material begann to unwrap. I asked the fairphone people if i could get another one and they were very helpful and told me that i can order a second one for free which was great.
The second case broke again after two weeks… there was no problems or difficulties with the printershop tough. its the material that is not suitable, i think. therefore, i can not recommend the current 3d printed case - especially not for the price they charge. I suggest to look for something more like a rubbery material which i havent found yet. so if you have any recommendations, please share them!

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I use the Kancha woven case - really happy with it :smile:

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Look at this topic:

The Kancha case I use seems quite robust - good quality leather. The phone has been dropped a couple of times, and both case and phone have survived!

Good luck in your search!


I don’t use any protective cover on the phone, since IMO it’s already bulky/heavy enough and at the same time quite well designed (at least something done right fairphone, congrats).

I am also not the type of person who handles his phone with utmost care. As to this date i have (always accidentally) dropped the FF from various heights and on different materials. And it shook them off surprisingly well.
Damages on the phon up to this date:
-paint coating comes of from the battery lid at one edge
-several scratches on the white rim around the display which seems to do a VERY good job at protecting the screen
-slightly bent glass

overall it is a very rugged phone, capable of taking a beating without the need for a case.

Just want to clarify it for some people:
Case: http://www.avvy.de/media/images/popup/AVVY_0007_c2.jpg
Sleeve: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0227/4487/products/iPhone-44b_large.jpg?v=1370350938

kancha makes VERY nice sleeves indeed, but please stop recommending them to OP, who clearly asked for cases!

I recently made my own fairphone case out of artificial leather and a copperplate

it has a compartment for cards and banknotes wich is great


You’re lucky, then! I only dropped my phone once, and it broke the touchscreen functionality, which meant that I needed to replace the screen.

I’m now using a 3d printed case :]

being disabled with limited dexterity i need to use a flip case for protection. resent having to buy from dubious sources in china etc as nobody seems to make an ethical flip for the FP

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What material is your case printed from? and how did you get your personalised bit on it?