Poll: What case do you use for your Fairphone 1 + Experiences

I can recommend Kancha Design, which also focusses on a fair and sustainable production (see http://kancha.de/en/story/ ) Order here https://www.fairnopoly.de/users/kancha or http://kancha.de/en/shop/
You can select the Fairphone as your gadget when ordering.

My girlfriend is using this sleeve, which fits perfectly: http://www.shop-ni-ki.com/index.php?k=49


Ooh, they look very tasteful - thanks!

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I just ordered one from these guys: http://www.pack-smooch.com/en/phone-cases/fairphone.html (I got the Kirkby one). It’s a company based in Hamburg, Germany, and their cases look really nice, also those for other devices (tablets, laptops, etc.). I’ll report back once I have my case. :smile:

I got it today! Here’s a picture courtesy of the FP. It’s really well-made and looks like it’ll last. It’s a bit snug right now but I assume it’ll give a little with time. I’d recommend them!


Bought the official black. It took less then two weeks for the screen to break, since it never fit well into the case (I did super much of the bending told to do, but it didn’t help) so at first fall the screen gave up. I don’t know when there will be spare parts for the FP1U, but then I will definitely get a flip-case that make sure that my screen is a couple of millimeters under the case edge.

My blue fairphone Casey arrived today. I noted directly that it doesnt fit well. Even after some bending in different directions. The rim seems too low. It would be good if the Case rim could extend more over the edges of the phone. Not sure how well the screen is protected

After some days of use I can say it meanwhile fits great. One has to be patient! But the rim could still be a bit higher

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As a serial dropper of phones, I’ll study this thread well while waiting for the phone that is on it’s way. I don’t want to become an expert on how to change the display. I’d really love a flip cover where I can trust the product I buy to be as fair as possible, but this seems to be a tall order. I suppose I might just sew a wool/neoprene case and try to force myself to actually put my poor phone in it’s case most of the time.

Still, I’ll keep following this thread in case a superb, fair(-ish) flip cover suddenly appears.

My neighbour made a leather pouch for it, which is great. But then again, it is not protected when you are actually using it…

I had my case printed at a 3D hub and it fits very nicely but there was no choice of material (it is PLA). So I have a very rigid case that went onto the phone easily but now cannot be removed without damaging/breaking the case! I didn’t realise that other, more flexible materials would have been a possibility as I would have preferred something that could be removed when necessary.


Hi @CathyD,

I have a PLA 3D printed case as well, and too was a little worried that it was too rigid and might snap. But I have been able to take my phone out of the case. I presume they are made to the same standard and specs, mine was printed standing upright ( I wonder if this makes a difference?)

I start removing the case by partly releasing the phone at the top left hand corner (next to headphone socket). Then I use my right thumb and first finger to pull the phone forward - whilst simultaneously using my left hand thumb to pull back the bottom left hand part of the case (just below the volume adjust button). The phone just pops out.

Interestingly the 3D printers I went to are trialing a new flexible rubbery material that feels alot nicer and would be a lot easier to get on and off - they said the might trial it with the fairphone case, so I let this forum know if this is done.

All the best



Hi Eddie!

Thanks. I have tried doing it as you suggest and it pops out fine!


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I went with a 3D printed case also out of curiosity. And while the case isn’t perfect, I really like it. Some of the edges are a little rough but I don’t mind that at all, and the material isn’t as flexible as I thought it would be. If and when I next drop my phone, I think the case will likely crack and I will probably order another one if there were an option for a more flexible material.

I love my personalized case ! :blush:

( OneClimateOneChallenge.com )

The hub “Marceau” in Paris can perform simple edition of the FP case :blush:


I ordered the black case as well, it does not fit, because the backside cover of the battery does not fit on its camera side. And so it always moves inside the cover. The Plugs fit only when I push the FP down at the top. Maybe it is possible to change the battery cover so that in this case the cover of the FP fits better?

I’m not using any case, because I really don’t want it to become thicker.

And, in fact, a truly sustainable, durable phone should be stable enough by itself! It shouldn’t be necessary to add anything complementary, such as a cover or a case, for normal use (i.e. as long as you’re not going to use it under extreme (outdoor) conditions).

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I got a similar case an I do agree with all you have said. It looks nice, and seams to be made in top quality!The phone fits perfectly. I even use it with the original blue case. It takes a little time till it really fits well this way, but it works out fine!

I have just got a 3D-printed case. I am pleased with it and agree that it makes the phone less slippery. As has been noted the plastic is pretty tough so I’m not sure what will happen when I need to take it off - I tried the method above (thanks for the tip, Slinky) and couldn’t free it from the bottom left part of the case, but I will try again later. I imagine that steam would help but I don’t want to boil my phone! A more “rubbery” version would be good, I think.

Update: I did manage to prise the cover off by inserting a blunt pair of tweezers under the rim - this is a bit of a fiddle and obviously you have to be careful not to damage your phone but the case was fine afterwards and the phone snapped back in.

“A more “rubbery” version would be good, I think.”

That’s right Alison_Classe. My brother 3D printed fairphone cases for me (retro and geometric inspired style). Instead of using ABS filament, I requested to print it in rubber-like filament due to its flexibility and it doesn’t break easily.