Poll: What case do you use for your Fairphone 1 + Experiences

  • Black Case ( official accessorie)
  • Blue Case ( official accessorie)
  • 3-D Printed Case
  • Custom case
  • No Case

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I have been using the “official” black case. At first, I feared, that the phone will slip out there in case of a fall, but after seeing the video tutorial and bending it in the middle from time to time, it so far survived quite a lot of falls, with only slight marks in the middle part that is not covered by the case as well as some scratches on the battery lid.
After all I think the case looks fantastic, but I’m not fully convinced of it’s protective features and another thing that strikes me is, that I do have quite a lot of issues with some chargers, as the plugs are sometimes to small to go through the case and still load the phone. I’m interested in your experiences with other cases…

EDIT: Sh… typo - someone please change accesorie to accessory might look silly… THX!

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I use the same case but the blue one. I’m quite happy with it. Looks good and feels good in my hands. Buttons are accessible enough as well.

Seeing that the case itself is scratched quite a bit on the back side, I’m glad I have it. Otherwise the metallic back side might have gotten scratched.

Only big downside of this case is that headphone plugs don’t always fit well. You need a really thin plug casing to get it to fit. I also don’t think it protects really well against drops, I guess you need a thicker, softer, more rubber-y case for that. It also doesn’t protect the screen.

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Waiting for my official black case to arrive.

Your remarks are dully noted, I find it a pity too that the screen is not protected. :confused:

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I’ve only dropped my phone once. A small graze on the outer case, and no damage to the actual phone - so protected ok.

I guess it depends how you drop the phone and where it lands. Some falls are going to do more damage than others but I’m happy with the case. As long as you fit it right it should do it’s job.

I never did like flip cases or anything like that, so for me I like my screen as naked as the day it was manufactured :smiley:

Having had my fairphone for over 6 months, I’d say the Dragontrail glass is doing it’s job pretty well at protecting the screen. I keep my phone in my pocket with my keys quite frequently and although there are a few light marks showing up on the screen they’re effectively invisible when the screen is on, you have to hold the phone in a certain way when the screen is off to make them catch the light to see them at all. I really like my blue case, I think it looks good with the phone and, having dropped my phone on numerous occasions, I can happily report that it’s doing its job very well.

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After several weeks of fiddling and trying, the ‘official’ case finally fits my FP.

1- Bending/stretching is important. Do it far more and in more directions then the video tut suggests.

2- Several USB-cables have a small connector (I’m referring to the plastic above the metal), that will fit in the small hole in the case.
If not, use a sharp knife to peel off a little bit of the plastic.

3- The earphones I found at last to be compatible (Samsung ehs64avfbe) have a very small connector that fits in the case-hole.

4- The volume buttons are very hard to press using the case. I glued two tiny pieces of plastic under the volume ‘buttons’ of the case. Now the buttons can very easy be used when the case is in place.

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I’m wondering what material one should choose for a 3d printed case for best protection. I assume some of the materials are more “rubbery” than others and will absorb impact better? Any suggestions?

A followup to myself… I’ve done some googling of different materials offered by 3d printers near me. The article here <http://www.tridimake.com/2012/12/3d-printing-plastic-filaments-kinds-and.html > discusses differnet materials. Nylon is apparently flexible and “extremely robust” which sounds good. (I also like that it’s transparent.) But also according to this article, and also according to this one <http://algorithmicart.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/3d-printing-with-flexible-materials-flexpla-tests/> PLA (and flexPLA) are environmentally friendly (or friendlier) and the latter should be flexible as well. I still would love to hear what other people used and how happy they are with it.


Although I have a black and a blue official case, I don’t use them. They don’t fit perfectly for one thing, and they make the phone look bulkier than it is. Lastly, it does not protect the screen! I have a woollen sleeve made in a sustainable way in the Netherlands bought on Etsy. I did drop the phone in its sleeve once on the tarmac and it has chipped quite visiibly the white framing on a corner… But that hasn’t changed my mind.

Well, I bought the official blue case but I don’t use it for two reasons:

1: I use a belt case and couldn’t find one which would fit the phone + protective case
2: The case tends to toggle the on/off button at will, it’s a very tight fit.

@fgaine & @moviemaniac

Fair enough that your not using the official case. It can take a little playing around to get it to fit right, the trick is to bend it (sometimes a lot more times than the official video/guidance says). It does generally work. I updated this topic the other day

Yeah official case is annoying with usb cable and headphones, it doesn’t fit well enough. As for the screen I keep the phone in my side pocket screen facing my leg, and I’m not putting my keys in the same pocket. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a 3D-printed case for my phone last week, I was curious about the thing.
The printer is not using a “Fairphone recommended printer”, but I wanted to go and pick it up myself, so the list of available printers near home was lower. He gave me the 1st print test, printed on the side rather than standing up, and it’s more fragile. The thread used is rather hard and might end up being breakable, I think I’ll try and get another one printed with flexible PLA later.
I have no case to protect the screen, keeping the phone away from keys and being careful not to drop the phone…

I found that the FP is rather slippery without a case, the case gives me a better grip.


I don’t like the solid cases… I’m using my old HTC leather pouch (with the tag to pull out the phone) but it’s too small for the FP.

Has anyone found a simple leather pouch that fits the FP properly? The average skanky phone accessory stalls never seen to have this type of case at all.


I have seen this link on this topic which you might find interesting - some leather pouches :smile:

I can recommend Kancha Design, which also focusses on a fair and sustainable production (see http://kancha.de/en/story/ ) Order here https://www.fairnopoly.de/users/kancha or http://kancha.de/en/shop/
You can select the Fairphone as your gadget when ordering.

My girlfriend is using this sleeve, which fits perfectly: http://www.shop-ni-ki.com/index.php?k=49


Ooh, they look very tasteful - thanks!

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I just ordered one from these guys: http://www.pack-smooch.com/en/phone-cases/fairphone.html (I got the Kirkby one). It’s a company based in Hamburg, Germany, and their cases look really nice, also those for other devices (tablets, laptops, etc.). I’ll report back once I have my case. :smile:

I got it today! Here’s a picture courtesy of the FP. It’s really well-made and looks like it’ll last. It’s a bit snug right now but I assume it’ll give a little with time. I’d recommend them!