POLL: Should there be Free Fairphones for Developers?

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@chrmhoffmann pushed an update recently with the new blobs, have you tried that one?

It was mostly that getting one for two weeks or so isn’t making a huge difference as most stuff will probably take longer than that. Getting one for two months or so is a different story.

Nope, haven’t tried it yet. Is it available as OTA update, or do I look elsewhere?

We can always discuss possibilities. I can send you the community/dev phone today and you can use it until somebody else claims to have a higher need for it. After you declined to need it it has been laying on my desk. That was over 2 months ago :slight_smile:

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I don’t think yet (we have kernel problems so a new OTA wasn’t published yet). But I antweb on Matrix/IRC said he’ll do a build so maybe he can send it to you.

Yes, I would appreciate that. Should I send you my address in a PM?

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According to DHL I should have my new camera tomorrow. If you need someone to test the camera with a new build please let me know…


You can count me in.


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