Poll: " Option to limit charging to maximum 80%"

This poll is related to the discussion going on here in this thread:

The intention of this poll is: if it turns out there´s a critical mass of users that would like to see such a function in any upcoming version then the result could make this demand more visible for Fairphone.

Please only vote here and keep the discussion in that other thread, thx!
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  • I would deeply appreciate such a function in an upcoming OS release
  • Such a fuction would be nice but I´m able to handle/limit the max loading manually
  • I prefer to handle this function manually and don´t need such a function included
  • I don´t care / There are more important topics to solve for FP than such a battery saver function

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Now, with this famous quote “out the door, one cross each, line on the left” , the poll starts :wink:

:question: @DonFnord QUERY: What do you consider a Critical mass?
:exclamation: Answer: I´d say a high number of votes along with a high percentage for the “I would deeply appreciate such a fuction …” but I don´t want to make a definition about that. Let´s see what will be the result