Poll: Lineage OS or FPOOS Android 6?

Which gadget is that? Can you provide dmsg, logcat?


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I’m surprised that so many people prefer Lineage OS. How good is this system? Why?

What’s wrong with FPOOS?

Please, I am very confused.


I think that’s a very good question! And I think we as a community could write a wiki post describing that (it is also subject to changes). Not sure how that works with this forum or where to start. I guess a decent start is looking at the changes between Android 6.0 and Android 7.1.2. Where else could one look?

Here’s my first attempt feel free to edit:


    • Privacy Guard
    • Battery Saver can be enabled from 25%
    • No longer can disable either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz (whole WiFi needs to be enabled)

Now that I think about it though, might become a large list (too noisy).

Create a new topic and flag it up to the @moderators. (Flag symbol > “Something else”)

Some more info is here:

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any news about ditching FPOOS for LineageOS?

I’m asking as I’ve learned today that BLOCKS2 (btw. I’m still waitng for may watch but they doing a hard but great job) is going to do more or less exactly this by founding the project OpenWatch.
They are going to cooperate with

Team Carbon as well as some of the team behind Lineage OS

what allows to use software dev. resources in much more efficient way. That would enable Fairphone to shift manpower from software to hardware and sustainability promotion.

Hey Stefan,

Thank you for your question. As said in one of the topics you linked to: at Fairphone we are very impressed by the work of the community and we believe that their work is a huge contribution to the longevity of the Fairphone 2. Successful alternative OS’s for the FP2 will enable users to keep the phone longer and prevent ewaste.

That said, there are currently no plans to support LineageOS officially. The team has their hands full supporting the existing two OS’s and has no resources to support another one. Let alone the required pressure it would put on the legal, product, communications, marketing and support team if Fairphone start supporting a third OS…

But to explain a little further: the Fairphone ships with Android with Google services; Fairphone OS. If you want to sell many phones in order to achieve impact in the supply chain, there is currently no other option then to use standard Android. The majority of people expect a standard OS that works out of the box with the apps they use and need.

If we look at the number of people that currently use alternative OS’s on their FP2 it shows that only 5% changes the default OS to something else (Fairphone Open, LingeageOS, Sailfish or Ubuntu).

Making Fairphone Open is a small effort for us as it is very similar to Fairphone OS and puts little pressure on the teams capacities. Supporting a whole new OS, like LineageOS, is really no option.


I slightly disagree, Open GApps + LineageOS does the same job. I even can run my banking apps.
There must be some reason, could you provide some more information?

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Not in a business sense.
Support by Google based on contracts and support by a community based on good will are not the same :wink: .


I replying a bit late, but after some hesitations to switch to LineageOS, I have to say, my FP2 is running much better with Lineage OS and the little improvements of Android 7.1 are welcome.
I’ve not a single issue with LineageOS where with FPOS or FPOOS I had some.


I agree if we talk about the main OS where commercial aspect come into play.
If FP would cooperate with the dev. community a way closer they won’t need to rely on the good will of the community as they are part of it.
The community achieved quite a lot whereas FP seems to fall behind in terms of long term usage of the Fairphone. Thanks to the community I’m able to run Android 8 on my super old Samsung SII whereas Fairphone still runs on 6.

I agree that should not just port the LineageOS source to Fairphone but rather contribute actively to the source in order to push FOSS Android. There are some suggestion above in this regard.
It would be quite a message if FP would do so.

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no more thoughts about this topic? cannot believe it :yum:

There has been a lot of dicussion in the forum about this specific, recurrent topic, as well as official answers from Fairphone staff. Use the search function of the forum and be delighted.

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I’ve already tried but mostly all threads are closed and outdated respectively as FP LineageOS became official earlier this year.
Due to my question this thread was reopened.

And you got an official answer 15 days ago. Don’t expect any new info to emerge anytime soon.

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I think here you’re comparing apples and oranges, because you can’t take the community version for one device and forget about the other :wink:


I’m not that deeply familiar in the porting process but the port does rely on device specific configuration and kernel, so there would always a tight link between both ROMs, wouldn’t it?
Anything what is done by FP for the FP2 on hardware level programming benefits other ports, doesn’t it?

Not sure I understand.

What I wanted to say is: the FP2 runs with Android 7 (Lineage OS) when you want to compare with Android 8 on the S2. :wink:

How so? By giving users a choice of Android with Google Apps or Android without Google Apps, both well supported by monthly security updates for theoretically still years? How does that hamper long term usage?

Users looking at the Android version number and seeing a problem are a very small minority, most people just want to use their device and are content as long as it does what they want without giving them too much trouble.

Google currently still supports Android 4.4 KitKat to some extent. (At least they say so here.)
And the Fairphone 2 is on Android 6 Marshmallow officially and it seems it will stay there until Google drops support, and perhaps by this time Fairphone will have a Fairphone 4 out already running Android 16 Wild Berry Skittles and tell the remaining Fairphone 2 users “To use your Fairphone 2 even longer, here’s how you install LineageOS … or UBports … or postmarketOS … or PithP-OS-sum - Super Dynamic P-OS-sum of Tomorrow supported by their respective communities, but we’ll have to focus our limited resources on the Fairphone 3 and 4”.

I think everybody here understands what you want, but for the time being it just will not happen unless a game-changer nobody saw coming comes around (e.g. Google tomorrow morning dropping Android 6 support or going bancrupt :slight_smile: ).

If I understand you correctly, then yes, that is the case.
Fairphone’s business relationship with the hardware vendors (most importantly Qualcomm) results in Fairphone getting hardware drivers for their Android (with fixes from time to time, one of those fixes just recently) … at least Sailfish OS and LineageOS use those drivers, too, else those OSes probably would have a hard time being useful, I don’t know just now how UBports handles that.


yes you did
thanks for the compressive answer, I can live with quite well :slight_smile:

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