Poll: Lineage OS or FPOOS Android 6?

I would like to know in which direction the FP Open OS-users will go:

  1. Keep on updating FP Open OS to Android 6
  2. Switch to Lineage OS Android 7

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I’m still indecisive… :confused:


Perhaps you should include a third option, if one doesn’t have a preference.


For those who are indecisive there is the following topic with arguments for both OSes:


I’m also still not decided. But this has a different reason. I installed xposed for being able to add some tweaks (Gravitybox), and then i learned to love xprivacy. I know that permission handling is supposed to be way better, but nothing’s like xprivacy…
Also, my device is encrypted, so LOS will have to wait for me


Too late now. :slight_smile: But if you don’t have a preference, don’t answer. :slight_smile:

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IMHO, the Lineage OS port shouldn’t be considered an option until it is fully official (i.e. included in the official Lineage OS build roster).

On the other hand, I think FP Open should fix the regressions Google started to introduce with Marshmallow which stand in the way of UnifiedNLP, microG and other GMS alternatives, and that could be the strong point of the OS over Lineage OS. Namely:

(I’ll add links and code patches later, I’m in the go ATM) (this could be seen as the successor of the great but now abandoned BRNmod ROM)

Next, when FP2 gets the status of official Lineage OS device, maybe Fairphone should base the FP Open OS over the Lineage OS codebase, but applying the above patches (since Lineage OS doesn’t support them officially and CyanogenMod repeatedly denied them in the past).
That would be the only official Android 7 the FP2 could get with the current situation*.

P.S.: at the moment, Fairphone stills pushing Qualcomm to implement missing features (Vulcan?) for the MSM8974 SoC to be able to ship Android 7 with GMS for the FP2.


I’m no FP Open user, but if I read some posts correctly, couldn’t they also update FP Open to Android 7 and try to ensure best functionality even though the binary blobs are designed for Android 6? FP Open doesn’t need approval from Google, right? Then we would have three options for voting :slight_smile:

You are right. FP Open is based on AOSP/Codeaurora (open source code) and doesn’t need any external approval.

I think the poll considers options for a (very) near future. A big amount of time is required for Fairphone to port Android 7 successfully (here is when the option to base FP Open over Lineage OS codebase could gain a lot of points).

I’d like to vote for sticking with Android 5, purely because I prefer the widget that opens all apps being transparent so I can see my wallpaper behind it. Call me shallow, but I prefer the design and interface of 5 :slight_smile:

Wait a minute, I’m still on Android 5, too :slight_smile: .
But I wouldn’t vote for it, there’s just no update to 6 for Fairphone Open OS yet.

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In my opinion, it would be best to have an official AOSP for Fairphone2. And this would then serve as basis for other Android ports, including Lineage OS. As it stands, FPOOS is pretty close to AOSP, so this is it for me. Android 7 porting efforts should also go into FPOOS/AOSP, and then base LineageOS on that. Right? I’m wondering if the porting work done for LineageOS/Android 7 could go into an AOSP or FPOOS Android 7 branch instead (or in addition to Lineage OS) to enable other ports too (I’d be interested in Copperhead for example).

Sorry, but forget about that.

CopperheadOS won’t support another device without full verified boot, a 64-bit CPU, LPDDR4 with TRR, driver support for at least Linux 4.4 (2nd generation Pixels), etc.

Source: https://copperhead.co/android/docs/devices

FP2 doesn’t fulfill any of those requirements. I once read in their site (can’t find this ATM) they won’t never support devices without regular security updates and latest Android version officialy available. In the end, this means they will never support any device outside Gobble’s ones.

It all depends… For me, Lineage OS is too immature for now. When it’s grown up a bit more, I’d be interested in the security patch level. I take great value in the fact that FP Open is really quite up-to-date. If that stays the case and Lineage is lagging behind, I think I’ll stay on FP Open. If they’re the same, I’ll at least try Lineage.


Would be really nice, if the FP2 becomes an official Lineage device. But from my side and I use my FP2 with Lineage everyday, it works pretty well. Also compared with FPOpen (I switched to Lineage over a month ago, so I can not rate how FPOpen with Android 6 works.)


I’m sorry but, what do you mean with inmature?
LAOS@Fairphone had made great progress with just some guys working on it for a realy short time and in compare with Fairphone (open) OS its has a newer Android version, better feature set, better privacy level and so on.
If you look on the buglist of Fairphones OSes I’ll have the impression that LAOS have also less annoying bugs.
So from my point of view if the Fairphone devs would team up with the LAOS guys we would get the best Fairphone OS we ever had. But what we see is that they fighting with an Android version wich is old right now and has no future.


I installed a LineageOS build from the time of @ronaldteune’s writing recently. Encryption ended in a bootloop and needed to be fixed the hard way, FM radio didn’t work. Perhaps that’s what he meant ;-), and I didn’t look any further for other issues.
A LineageOS build from July fixed both issues, since then I dropped Fairphone Open OS myself and switched to LineageOS.

Dual SIM might still be a bit of a concern as you know yourself.

I didn’t count the bugs, but for me personally LineageOS immediately felt a bit better on the phone than Fairphone Open OS. I don’t know what part the step from Android 6 to Android 7 plays in that. I guess comparing an Android 6 OS to an Android 7 OS in that regard may be a bit unfair.

Just for reference:
In LineageOS battery percentage in the status bar is an option you can turn on (in Fairphone Open OS you have to install an App that just turns this option on because it is hidden).
In LineageOS all available reboot options are in the reboot menu, you can even add screenshot to that via Settings.
And then for me the compass works better. I had no real problem with calibrating it when I needed it before, but this was a really positive surprise for me because I didn’t think it was a software thing.

This is probably not going to happen as long as there is no official support for Android 7 on the Snapdragon 801 SoC of the Fairphone 2. And if in doubt they probably would continue Fairphone Open OS on an Android 7 base then.
Any community Android 7 port can work as brilliantly as it wants. Fairphone as a company need official support and they still have that with Android 6. Only when Google doesn’t do security updates for Android 6 any longer and Fairphone don’t get support for Android 7 turning to community ports may become an option for Fairphone. They are a company, official procedures matter.


This is not true anymore for Marshmallow. You have to press and hold down on the options cog in the notification area until it starts spinning. This activates the system UI tuner which will let you customize the notification area and experimental tiling mode for apps.


That’s all true but why do the Fairphone devs don’t contibute to the open source LAOS in addition to there standard tasks? They woulden’t be the first company with avtivities in both areas.
And don’t they see that the port of LAOS brings a huge advatage for the FP2? Perhaps it’s the starting point for there phone to last as long as they have promised.

A business day has only a limited amount of working hours, and I guess theirs are already filled with hunting/ fixing bugs and preparing updates for Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open OS.
Of course I have no real insight in Fairphone developer work, but I don’t think they are twiddling their thumbs pleading for more tasks to be given to them :slight_smile:.

They still don’t get support for Android 7 for the Fairphone 2. Don’t you see that’s important for them as a company?
They can still put their weight behind LineageOS when they don’t get support for Android 6 anymore.