Poll: Lineage OS or FPOOS Android 6?

That’s all true but why do the Fairphone devs don’t contibute to the open source LAOS in addition to there standard tasks? They woulden’t be the first company with avtivities in both areas.
And don’t they see that the port of LAOS brings a huge advatage for the FP2? Perhaps it’s the starting point for there phone to last as long as they have promised.

A business day has only a limited amount of working hours, and I guess theirs are already filled with hunting/ fixing bugs and preparing updates for Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open OS.
Of course I have no real insight in Fairphone developer work, but I don’t think they are twiddling their thumbs pleading for more tasks to be given to them :slight_smile:.

They still don’t get support for Android 7 for the Fairphone 2. Don’t you see that’s important for them as a company?
They can still put their weight behind LineageOS when they don’t get support for Android 6 anymore.

Would it be feasable for Fairphone as company to shift their ressources from Fairphone Open OS to Lineage OS instead? If not, why?


Don’t get me wrong but if we talking about development of vendor specific android software for FP2, which support you are refering on? Do you think that mr. google is comming around to help anybody in Fairphone just once a time? I have no problem with Fairphone wants a googly standard OS with SUPPORT but what about doing open source in a community way.
Sorry, I can’t understand what’s driving these guy’s to work on FP open in the way they are doing these day’s.

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Funny, just while you were writing this comment I was installing Lineage because it seemed to have come a long way in a month. Also because FPOOS didn’t get security fixes for long, whole LAOS seems up to date. Happy with it :slight_smile:


As @paulakreuzer understandably closed this later poll

I would like to push this one; although it seems to lack some options I would be interested in:

  • How about LineageOS and FairphoneOS users? If they are going to switch, what for?
  • To me this poll lacks the opportunity to select “I gonna choose another one”
  • Like @Lidwien already said some users might have liked to be able to select both, as they have no preference

I am on Fairphone open. I haven’t tried Lineage on my Fairphone, but I have installed it on an older phone to have a feel.
Right now, I quite like the idea of having something official from Fairphone, so I stick to Fairphone open as long as I don’t have major problems. I think that it is good for Fairphone’s image to promote an open OS. But I think that it may be wiser and cheaper to fully support Lineage (or Sailfish or Ubuntu) instead of developing their own Open OS, but as I have understood, it doesn’t take too much time to adapt Fairphone Open OS from Fairphone OS.

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As I started this thread I can tell you what I chose: I’m using Lineage OS now for the past… 2 months and am happy. Only low energy Bluetooth doesn’t work (for my specific gadget).

I think a Fair Phone should have a Fair OS, which promotes freedom and has no dependency on Google and other spies.

  1. ATM i have FP Open, and i love to promote free* software to my friends and acquaintances.
    When I’m asked about “what operating system do you use” I give a complicated answer “it’s an android which is developed by FairPhone itself without google services”, they understand they should pay 530€ to use free software.
    I’d prefer to give a simple answer “I use LineAgeOS, you can install it on your phone NOW, and when your phone breaks then you can buy a FairPhone”.

  2. If FairPhone supports LineAgeOS, it would save the company from developing a specific software (less expenses, cheaper phone). OR, these developers could work on LineAgeOS instead, and affect positively a lot more people, not just fair phone users.

  3. I wouldn’t like to refer a friend or buy them a gift card, to jail them by default with google services. The phone should be shipped by default with open, free, fair software, and they would opt-in to google only if they love it that much.
    Most of my friends are already using google for nothing more than the gmail, so hopefully they will just set their phone to receive gmail (easy) and not switch the entire phone to google services (hard).


*free like free speech, not free beer.


Now that Lineage OS is official is it time to ditch Open OS?


If the development efforts of Fairphone that goes into FPOOS now goes to LOS, why not!


I won’t ditch FPOOS until LineageOS has proven to be rock solid and free from high battery drain. Does dual SIM already work?

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For me battery is better than ever before with fpos! Now with the official Version i have the impression its even got again a bit better!

I think in the long term, yes.

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Dual sim does indeed work with Lineage. You can’t yet switch sim cards on/off, so they’re both always on, but you still have all the 2/3/4G choices and data settings.

Lineage also supports f.lux much better than openOS did :slight_smile:


I’m waiting for the wakelock fix and then it will be difficult to switch cause of backups etc. But I plan on trying it out for a while. The main reason is going to be better battery utilization: doze, and the Android 6 WiFi battery drain issue. I’ve been running LOS on an older smartphone (Moto G2) and its awesome.

See also Wikipedia on the subject:

And even better list is available here:


Also check out the 7.1 features. You’ll get those as well with LOS 14.1.

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Because it is mentioned so often like it is a general problem …
I have no noticeable battery drain with LineageOS (migration from unofficial to official build didn’t make a difference).
And I had no noticeable battery drain in Fairphone Open OS (apart from when I left the camera App on).

I didn’t take any extra measures to get there like taming WiFi or installing some battery optimizing App or something, battery life for me was and is just normal.

So there’s a fair chance that if you don’t have a problem with it in Fairphone Open OS, you will not have a problem with it in LineageOS.


FWIW, I run Fairphone OS with GApps.

I ran Fairphone Open OS with GApps, and I run LineageOS with GApps … in my case Open GApps pico (the minimal GApps package to get the Play Store working).

I backup my Internal Storage data as well as sync my contacts locally with MyPhoneExplorer and I backup the OS state locally with the TWRP recovery.

Would like Play Store, Maps, Fit, Keep, and Android itself. There are no suitable alternatives for me.

Nano would suffice.

Don’t even need Chrome or Gmail on the device. I do keep Play Games as well, but could live without it.