Poll: If you could install any mobile operating system

Clear and nice explanation… Thanks r0kk3rz ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@paulakreuzer: as @Niklas_Wallin, I wish you’d go with SailfishOS. This is my first post, I signed up in order to be able to vote in this poll. My previous devices have been N900 -> N9 -> Jolla, and since about a year looking for successor, but only for hardware, not OS. Fairphone has been on my radar also for about 1-1½ years and I came here today because pre-ordering started for Fairphone2 - hoping there had been any progress on getting SailfishOS on Fairphone. This combination is by far my number one wish in terms of what I wish for on a mobile device.

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Welcome to the board.

Please keep in mind that this is a community poll started by people who like Fairphone or own one, but it is not an official way of Fairphone (the company) to decide what OSes to provide.

I know this is confusing for many, but the people you talk to on this forum are all community members. So if you address us (“you”), you talk to people who have no say in any way.

Like you, many people in this thread have done exactly that: Find out about the slight possibility of Fairphone to support Sailfish; come here; create an account; vote in the poll. This is certainly valuable to show that there is interest in the Sailfish community to buy Fairphones if it supports Sailfish OS.

However, this does not mean that there will be someone to port the OS to Fairphone. It will be equally important to find developers to do that. My suggestion is, you are equally active on the Jolla side and lobby them to port Sailfish OS to Fairphone. (This counts for all of you Sailfish enthusiasts: @flywheel, @DjDas, @Niklas_Wallin, @WilliePre, @mosen, @Robert_Meier, @elldekaa, @Randy_Mcfelch, @veps2i, @r0kk3rz).

Edit: More information for developers is here and will follow on the blog.


[quote=“jftr, post:65, topic:6593”]
However, this does not mean that there will be someone to port the OS to Fairphone. It will be equally important to find developers to do that. My suggestion is, you are equally active on the Jolla side and lobby them to port Sailfish OS to Fairphone.[/quote]

There have been a number of topics regarding the Fairphone and Fairphone Philosophy (fair trade, sustainability, conflict minerals .etc) on our together.jolla.com portal, a lot of which pre-date the Fairphone 2 announcement, so I think it is reasonable to say there is some mutual lobbying going on.

I have seen that blog post and although its a bit light on details I like the philosophy behind it, and hopefully we get some source code and other resources soon. I am unaware of if Fairphone are in talks with Jolla or not, but we do have a rather lively porting community for SailfishOS, although the major hold up is as always availability of test devices.

edit: In case anyone is interested, you can read through the SailfishOS Hardware Adaptation Development Kit document and of course join us on IRC


i think on a “fair” phone should be a real free OS like Sailfish OS, but no Android or something where my privat data saved in a cloud in USA :wink:
This will be worth 500+ € for a good hard- and software.

If “someone” port Sailfish OS to Fairphone 2 it’s not really a good thing.
But if the Jolly and Fairphone developer get in contact and there is an alternate OS beside android on the Faiphone it is good for both companies.
Why the user should not have a decision what OS he wants on his phone hardware?
Sailfish OS and Fairphone both community driven so i think they will have a look to such polls :smiley:

Sailfish is not free. It is partially open source. The only fully free OS I know of is Replicant.

You are right. But the OS could only be free ist the hardware specs are free.
I i think if the hardware specs of Fairphone are free, the whole OS used on Fairphone also could be.
The protected driver must not be included on the Fairphone :smile:

The Fairphone 2 is using a Qualcomm SOC, there is zero chance of having a ‘fully libre’ device, not yet anyway.

I am in the same situation… I’m looking for a successor for my Jolla, but only in hardware terms. And Fairphone 2 for me seems very good

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In order to have Sailfish on FP2… I just did it :wink:

So would you buy it if Jolla or Fairphone provided an Sailfish Installation for FP2?

Since we already know the default OS will be Android…

For an official partnership and fully fonctionnal support, definitively YES.


with an open source self developed OS i am afraid that i need deep technical knowledge to use the fairphone

I have pre-ordered the FP2 last week. I was already very interested in FP1 but finally did not buy it and stood with my boyfriend’s very first (non-smart) mobile (mine had unfortunately surrendered) since I was most unsure about the availability of non-Android OS on FP1.

By now, I am happily looking forward to finally get a fairphone and I just hope that the new chipset allows for ports to be done for FP2 and that enough knowledgeable people are on board to do those (I am unfortunately unable to contribute in a meaningful way).

Personally, I would like to give Sailfish or Ubuntu a try.

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@AndreasT & @merci I moved your posts here as this is the more current poll on this topic.

@AndreasT why do you think so? Free and Open Source Software is not harder to understand than proprietary Software. Just think of Firefox, VLC Player & Wikipedia.

just for questions of convenience. i have windows and office since i use PCs. i had problems using vlc, i never used firefox. and i do not have any experience using any other OS than windows.

No love for webOS / Open webOS / LuneOS … :’(

Still, I like very much the idea of having Sailfish OS on a FairPhone. :smiley:

I’m a Jolla Phone owner and happy SailFish OS user.
Also I’ve discovered the FairPhone through I friend and like both the “Fair” and the “Easily fixable” aspect.
(In fact, I’m currently repairing her phone and did register (among other reasons) to be able to get help if need arises).
I think both together could be a very nice combination.


For people understanding German: this article on Golem.de about a community-based, libre, and Linux-based operating system - Plasma Mobile from the makers of KDE - is an interesting read.

Also note the honourable mention of Fairphone as the only (!) hardware developer with which there has been contact


Very interesting article, especially the stuff about mainlining the Qualcomm drivers into the Linux kernel. I didn’t know that Qualcomm was that open-source-friendly. That makes the choice of the Fairphone Team to use a Qualcomm SoC for the Fairphone 2 a good move!

Concerning Plasma Mobile: I use Plasma on one of my computers at home and I really like it. It will be interesting how this project will develop, but I will certainly try it out if it matures.

With all those interesting OS options I hope there will be the possibility for dual-boot/multi-boot on the FP2… :wink: