📊 POLL: How satisfied or unsatisfied are you with your FP3 or FP3+?

It’s possible but I actually doubt it because I think the internal memory (including the SD card) is correctly decrypted when being mounted through the device. Still, it’s a possibility…


I 've only just got around to this poll and selected ‘unsatisfied’ but to qualify this it is due to poor call volume, echo and battery charging.

I am however very happy to be involved with people who express a caring attitude even if they are a bit inept at consumer production :slight_smile:

EDIT 1. In fact if they weren’t a little inept I would wonder if they are really people at all :slight_smile:

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I love it!
Truly love this!!!

I guess, they do their very best.


Still have my FP3, it would be my main phone if 1. Bluetooth audio was stable. 2. CPU was faster and 3. It used an OLED screen, I’ve not used an LCD screen phone since the HTC One in 2013.

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I am using the FP3+ as my main phone and bluetooth audio is stable now in my case (changed since a software update).

I agree that the CPU is slower than expected. I don’t play games on the phone and I don’t need a very fast CPU. But when scrolling websites or pictures or doing other simple things, it is clearly visible that the CPU is not very snappy.

Which is remarkable: Even my old phone with Snapdragon 801 (from 2014!) feels faster.
Also the Snapdragon 660 (from 2017) used in the Nokia 7 plus is more snappy.

The Snapdragon 632 used in the FP3(+) should really feel faster. Maybe they are throttling the CPU to make the battery lasting longer? I guess the hardware could be faster, but it is limited somehow by the software.

True. In fact the FP3+ is my first smartphone ever with just an LCD screen. Even the first Samsung Galaxy S (11 years ago) had an OLED.
Slowly I am getting used to the LCD. But it would be great to be able to remove the LCD screen by an OLED. I would be happy to pay for this upgrade. That’s what a modular phone could provide.

But generally speaking: I would be satisfied with the hardware of the FP3+. I can accept the slower CPU. The LCD screen is not very nice, but ok.
My main criticism and reason why I am not satisfied is the software with its bugs and problems (mentioned in other threads). Fairphone still has the chance to fix it and to satisfy us customers.

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I’m convinced it became better after I did a factory reset on my Momentum 2 earbuds. But what happens on those is if there’s a drop out it creates this weird effect where the two buds create a strange stereo effect. It was pretty annoying, I listen to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts while dog walking, so the audio performance has to be perfect. I expect it is more of a software thing. However it was totally stable in the house, which makes me wonder if external factors made it worse? walking past people’s homes and their wifi being stronger in signal?

It’s party screen refresh rate too of course. a 90Hz refresh screen is silky smooth. But FP3 isn’t even comparable to my Moto Z2 Force from 2017. I’m not so interested in games or 3D performance. More the smoothness of operation. It’s not terrible, but the makers of Fairphone would be better off looking at Mediatek processors as a way to get powerful processors. It seems as if they are easier to obtain for smaller phone brands. Some of their latest processors are getting very fast too.

The FP3 screen looks pretty detailed. I think LCD can provide slightly clearer images due to OLED needing pentile pixel layout (some of the colours burn out faster). But where LCD loses is in the dark, just no getting around that LCD glow.

I installed Lineage for MicroG and found that pretty good. Didn’t see any real bugs, but I’m not that demanding :slight_smile:

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AFAIK, the FP1 had a Mediatek chip, and they never managed to upgrade it, because Mediatek seems even more closed source than Qualcomm and picky about their code, and that would also mean much less support for custom ROMs. So no, please not Mediatek.


Strongly seconded.

Apart from the very negative Fairphone 1 Android upgrade experience caused mainly by Mediatek, people perhaps interested in this aspect should ask themselves why Fairphone (kind of) competitor SHIFT promises support to Custom ROM communities for their 6mq phone, but not for their 5me/ 6m phones … spot the difference :wink: .
By the way, having their 5me/ 6m shipped with Android 8.0, thanks to Mediatek they are stuck at 8.1 according to their own support.
And a LineageOS 15.1 try for the 5me/ 6m went into trouble shortly after its start and looks abandoned for a while now (see here).

(I personally don’t care much about the Android version number as long as everything I need works and I get security updates, so nothing wrong with 8.1 in my book until Google stops supporting it.)

In Qualcomm land …

Fairphone shipped the Fairphone 2 with Android 5, did an upgrade to 6 … (with that, Qualcomm stopped support for the SoC) … managed to do a Google certified upgrade to 7 anyway, apparently manage to do a Google certified upgrade to 9 (release candidate stage currently).
While official (in their terms) LineageOS for the Fairphone 2 went from Android 7 to 8 to 9 to 10 currently, preparing the release of 11.

The Fairphone 3 got /e/, a LineageOS based Custom ROM, reasonably quickly after the phone’s release, with the e foundation behind it and Fairphone even setting up an official partnership. Official LineageOS followed.
/e/ and LineageOS were made compatible to the Fairphone 3+ quickly, too.

You are using a Custom ROM yourself.
It’s in your own interest Fairphone stay with feasible SoC choices regarding that.

Open hardware would be nice someday in the future, though.


Hi, i woud like to state that my New fp3 has a tremendously good performing battery. Three day in a row is exceptional for smartphones.?!


Standby is very good. I charge the battery every day at 50-60%, so one full charge cycle in two days. Charging at below 20% is making the battery age quicker, 50% is the sweet spot.


Phone is not working realiably. WLAN is disconnected frequently, Not happy at all. Customer Service is bad and not really helpful. Trying to solve my WLAN problem since November 2020, bought it October 2020. So, it did not work from the beginning. Too bad, concept is good, but technology not. Looking for a new phone now, cannot recommend the product.

Regarding that issue, have you created or answered a topic on that issue responding here would be off topic.

Basic stuff like doing a phone call still not working without headset, after 6 month. Support case have most of all been waiste of time. If you need a reliable phone, FP3+ is not for you.

I have contacted your service several times and did not get any solution only questions and questions. I answered all but no response to solve the problem. It still exists and I am really unhappy. I was planning to introduce the phone as a standard in our company but this is currently not possible.


I hope you realise this is not ‘my’ service. This forum is just for users to share ideas. Your only recourse to resolving the problem is to return the phone if official support cannot help you via emails.

You may find help with the Wireless Lan here, but it would be a good place to start if you created your own topic as I indicated in my previous post. This is not the topic to resolve issues.

a) read up on similar issues and respond there not here

b) start a new topic if those topics do not address the issue.

c) If you have contacted support@fairphone.com and they have been unable to help then ask them to send you a return label and ask them to fix it… This forum is not the Fairphone company


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With 200 votes surpassed both here (204 votes right now) and in a German language FB group (private group; 200 votes), the current percentages are (first % here, second % over there):

Forum grade FB
35.29 % (72) very satisfied 51.5 % (103)
42.65 % (87) satisfied 39.5 % (79)
5.88 % (12) neutral 1 % (2)
11.76 % (24) unsatisfied 7 % (14)
4.41 % (9) very unsatisfied 1 % (2)

Update (19 June 2022 | 222 / 220 votes):

Forum grade FB
35.14 % (78) very satisfied 52.73 % (116)
43.24 % (96) satisfied 37.27 % (82)
5.86 % (13) neutral 0.91 % (2)
11.71 % (26) unsatisfied 8.18 % (18)
4.05 % (9) very unsatisfied 0.91 % (2)

For those who sometimes query the difference in detail of the FP3 from the FP3+ here is the data

FP3_vs_FP3_Plus_v1.3b.pdf (576.6 KB)

Before the fingerprint desaster I would have said “very satisfied”… with it I go to neutral.

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