Poll + general discussion: who got Android 10 Update on their FP3 & first impressions

I’m also experiencing reboot issues with FP3 & Android 10. (I had some reboots with Android 9 as well, but they occurred less often).

My previously configured VPN does not work anymore. Always says something like:

There is no network connection available. Please try again later.

Can someone confirm that?

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Since I updated to Android 10 the stock camera app crashes and won´t store the picture I took. So when the camera app doesn´t crash it acts like it´s taking a picture but there will be no picture in the folder.

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Maybe the discussion in this thread should be made a different thread.

  • Known bugs & problems with Android 10 (Wiki)
  • Know bugs & problems with Android 10 (Discussion)

Here’s why:
When a wiki - like in this case - is meant as a list of problems/items, that can be edited, it is great if every edit (new problem added, solved problem deleted) makes the wiki pop up in the list of latest topics.
But if a wiki is not just a single posting, this will not happen. It will only pop up, when a new posting is added, but not when “only” the wiki is modified.


I’m using PIA VPN and it only connects on wifi. It simply doesn’t connect at all on mobile data, regardless of the settings (OpenVPN/Wireguard, TCP/UDP, small packets, etc.)

I’ve tried restarting the phone, clearing cache, storage, a clean reinstall, and always restarting between these steps–no success.

I totally agree. Posts should be moved.
There is a topic called All Android 10 bugs btw., I don’t know why. Perhaps it could be used (or simply create a new topic).


Could it be that you have no mobile data connection at all? If so, try re-entering your APN settings.

I’d imagine it’s meant to alert people browsing the help category that there is a useful topic in the discuss category.

I’m on mobile now, but I can try fixing some things (for example pinning topics, splitting off a discuss topic or merging the discussion with the poll topic) when I have easier access. It may be a while before I can do this, so if anyone with sufficient access rights on the forum wants to take a shot at this before then, please do.

Playing .ogg works at the same level as before. The music sound good but Android keeps garbling up some UTF-8 characters. So I will stay with Player Pro.

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As soon as I disabled my Vodafone SIM, and enabled my T-Mobile SIM (which I don’t even use when enabled), I got the update over WLAN. This was approx one day after the release. Love the dark mode!

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Still no REAL solution for Vodafone victims?
My whole family is on Vodafone, and I definitely won’t ask any friend, colleague or neighbour to lend me his SIM card. This is embarrassing and ridiculous, and it’s not really a recommendation for FP, while I’m still willing to support it’s concept.

From what I understood, the problem with Vodafone was solved with Build A.0120. But then, to get to that version, some kind of workaround is needed.

The thing is, any “real” solution would probably mean you have to send in your phones. How else can you install an update that enables you to install updates?
Happened to me with my Samsung BluRay player not too long ago. Some update went crazy and left the player completely unusable with no way for the customers to fix it themselves. It took 2 weeks until I was offered a solution which was to send the device in. Which also took almost 2 weeks sending it back and forth.
Lending a SIM card seems worthwhile to me…

I’m on build A.0124, so it actually should work. I could install the latest Android 9 security update without any problems.

To me, this is not an option. I wouldn’t give my SIM card to anybody else, and I won’t ask anybody to do so.

Ah sorry, that was my misunderstanding, I thought you were still on one of the very old Android 9 versions.

Got the Upgrade, but the timing is inconvenient for me at the moment …don’t have time to backup everything …not mentioning the bugs… I need to have a working phone till end of September…are there possible drawbacks if I refuse to install it now?

As far as I understood, work needed to be done on Vodafone’s side, too, back with the first update problem.
What if they simply didn’t greenlight the upgrade yet from their side?


I understand why you’re merging all this, even if I doubt of the idea of it simplifying everything, as you said it becomes “gargantuan” indeed. I thought at first only to make a poll, to start a discussion, but mostly to check how fast the update would spread.

But then, as it becomes more and more a general discussion about Android 10, I’m renaming it.


In fact, given the long and growing list of issues, I’m not unhappy that I’m still on Android 9 (with no issues whatsoever). Though I wonder how common the Android 10 issues really are…

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I’m still waiting for the update (Vodafone), but I suppose the modules are coming in this week so not too amused by that.

I think it would be great if we could have some idea regarding how prevalent the Android 10 issues actually are. I made a poll, but apparently I can’t make new topics containing polls. Maybe one of the “Angels” would be interested in doing this?

Here’s my suggestion: It’s a multiple choice poll because obviously people can have multiple issues. (And yes, I realize that you can check “None” and then go on to check issues anyway… just don’t). Also, I only included the more severe issues mentioned so far. So:

Users who have an FP3 (not FP3+) and have updated to Android 10 over the air, what new issues do you see that you didn’t have on Android 9?

[poll type=multiple]
- None!
- Random reboots
- SIM card no longer recognized
- No 4G connectivity (but 3G and 2G work)
- Unknown caller on 4G/WiFi calls
- Fingerprint sensor no longer working reliably
- Bluetooth connection problems
- Other audio problems
- Temporary screen/app freezes
- Camera app problems (e.g. pictures not saved)
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I’m also on VF. I had to do as others have suggested. Use a 2nd sim from another carrier (O2) and make the date live on that Sim. That’s the only way I could trigger the update.