📊 POLL: Fairphone 4 - has any FP4 ordered directly from Fairphone shipped yet?

green speckled FP4 (8GB) - ordered within the first hour of being available on 30.09. Also got the “small delay” notification - Estimated delivery between 06/12 - 10/12 :confused:


Ordered the Gray with 8GB on first day, email said Estimated delivery between 06/12 - 10/12. :frowning:


So what this sounds like is that they had a shortage of 8GB/256GB chips at the factory. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have just received a shipping notification for next week (15-19/11) in Belgium. Ordered a Grey 6GB on 6 October.


I just received my FP4 with 6GB today! Works fine so far…


…ordered the same hopeful color :wink: a few hours after the end of the presentation, paid with giropay, delivery to a store a few kilometers away for a little bike ride with a happy end - the new phone …

… but I still have to wait for this end: Fairphone 4 delivery times? January? - #39 by Webaschtl

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Hi all,
I remember there was a thread with a poll about FP4 delivery delays but I can’t find it any more. Anyway, my delivery has suffered a “small” delay of one month! Hardly small. At least they told me though.
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

@madbilly found the poll and moved your post to it😉


I ordered the gray 8GB on October 1st and got an email stating the ‘small delay’ and expected delivery 6/12-10/12.

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Ordered on november 1 and the 6gb version arrived on november 19th. pleasantly surprised since it showed estimated delivery mid to late January for me when i ordered.


Pre-ordered a Green fairphone 4 on the 2nd of October, just got a shipping notification. :smiley:


My grey 8GB version shipped the day before yesterday and arrived yesterday. So far, I am very happy with it:)


Yey, lets hope that it’s not shipping in weird batches sorted after color :sweat_smile: First grey, now green, don’t wanna wait for another month for my spackled version haha. Well they told us all next week. So fingers crossed

I think it’s rather the model version than the colour. First 6GB version, now 8GB version (and 6GB version is only available in grey).



When I check via the UK option it is the 256 that is only available in the Green whereas both the 128 and the 256 are available in Grey :slight_smile:

EDIT: As it has been made clear to me that whereas both are available in grey only the 128 is in grey.

You can actually get the grey in 6GB and 8GB, it’s the only colour that this is the case for. :slight_smile:
It is true that the grey 8GB was delayed more than the grey 6GB, if I recall correctly

And still 6GB is only available in grey.

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OH Yes :blush: Thanks I’m not reading things well enough, will edit my previous post :slight_smile:

Finlay received mine at the end of last week. :tada:
8GB - Green - ordered on the first day.


Ordered the 8GB Grey on first day (30/09/2021), it still hasn’t been shipped, “processing” status (I am in France)…