Poll: Encrypting Phone & Data

Could explain how you did it ?
How to perform a “hard reset” on my Fairphone? ?


@fnx - that’s exactly what I did… however, I have since found that the problem reoccurs. I don’t reboot my phone often so I don’t find it too much of a problem, but to work around the SIM card issue I activate ‘airplane mode’ and then de-active it. It seems to kick the SIMs into action for me.

Try it and let me know if it works for you too

Same behaviour.
Activation and cancellation of airplane mode works to wake-up the SIMs and need to be done after each reboot.
System parameters > Wireless & Network > Plus (/More) > Airplane Mode [CheckBox]`

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@Ben: Ok, thanks anyway for finding this out!

thanks, that saved me a huge stress!

If there was a proper way of encrypting, that is, a good strong password for the encryption, and the pattern unlock available as screen lock, I would probably consider encrypting. But my fear is that in case the phone crashes during the night I might miss a call, and I use one of the sim slots for my work which is a 24 hour thing.

As a thing in the middle I use keepass2android where I store passwords, although some google account passwords are saved on the phone.

I use encryption on my Fairphone. I had my first Fairphone stolen a week after I had it, wasn’t encrypted, but luckely didn’t have too muc sensitive information on it yet. But since my phone now has an app from my bank, some Bitcoin apps and a whole lot of photos on it, not to mention WhatsApp chat logs and much more info I don’t want to risk anyone getting their hands on it. People who say they don’t have any sensitive info on their smartphone either don’t realy use it or are unaware of what they actually have on it.

Since there isn’t a way to have a different encription password and unlock password and a) a short password for encryption defeats the whole idea of encripting it and b) a long password for unlocking is completely unpractical, I installed the [Cryptfs Password app][1] that lets you choose a diferent password for encrypting and for unlock screen. I have a PIN for my lock screen and a very long pasword for my phone encription that I only need to give in after I’ve switch my phone off.

I would really urge everyone to at least consider encripting their phone.
[1]: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.nick.cryptfs.passwdmanager


I had to encrypt my phone as a corporate requirement for allowing access to office365. It doesn’t bother me too much as I hardly ever switch the phone off so do not need to use the encryption pin often (apart from screen lock of course). However the problem with SIM card detection has been incredibly annoying and I didn’t realise it was related until reading these posts. Wiping the phone is a bit extreme - I have discovered that switching airplane mode on and off again usually solves any problems after trying to change SIM setup!

I have now reported this to Fairphone support as a bug, so hopefully we’ll get something sorted

Hi !

Encryption worked great but it seems it is now impossible to update the Fairphone OS.

The process seems to start OK, the phone reboots, and… Almost nothing changed, the gapps disaperead, etc, but the displayed version stays the same. Like as if the update was partial.

Is anyone experienced the same behavior ?


The update has been postponed:

Hi, if you were answering to my message, I add a precision : this behavior is the same when I try to upgrade to 1.7.

1.7 was only shipped with a small amount of phones and is also not reliable to use. The last stable and supported version is 1.6, I’m afraid. :frowning:

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

I hope the upgrade will be applicable to encrypted phone.

I’m running an encrypted phone and have run the update previously. I tried updating a couple of times (for testing purposes). On one occasion I had the same problems that you describe. It seemed to be something to do with the updater app.

Anyway, when the next version is released, if you have trouble updating through the app, you can always use the flash method to install the update and I think that will sort it :smile:

I am interested in more votes on this topic, so let’s bring that up in the list for some attention.

I would also like to discuss how the benefits (and drawbacks) of encryption could be better communicated to help the 13 people not knowing making a choice :slight_smile:

Is anyone still having above mentioned issues? I had also experienced the issue with the SIM cards not being recognized. However it does not seem to be a problem anymore. Is it for anyone else? Was the issue fixed with the latest update?

Regarding the problem with the wake-up/alarm: I think this is to be expected. The phone is not able and should not be able to boot without the password. I don’t think this should be fixed. The only way around might be to have alarm functionality outside Android. However that is hugely impractical.
I advise everyone to either leave their phone switched on (you can turn it in airplane mode or use the peace of mind widget which are almost like switching off the entire phone) or you just use a good old alarm clock :wink:

One last thing: I don’t have any exact measures, but I think encryption did have influence on performance. The phone hangs a little bit more often and takes longer too load apps or go back to the home screen. This is not unexpected because reads and writes to flash need to be encrypted which naturally takes time (especially with a phone without a dedicated encryption chip). I only mention it to show interested people all possible consequences.

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Still an issue for me.
If I recall correctly it was working fine before one of the early updates (possibly the 1.3 update, but I could be wrong, broke SIM recognition for me).

I think there’s one option missing: No, but I plan to encrypt my phone in the future. Maybe someone wants to change to OSOS before encrypting and thereby introducing potential issues into the process, but hasn’t gotten around to change yet. Or someone has rooted and first needs to unroot in order to encrypt (see http://www.howtogeek.com/141953/how-to-encrypt-your-android-phone-and-why-you-might-want-to/ - is that really so?).