Pokemon Go possible on LineageOS?

Hey guys,
simple quick question - can I play PG with LineageOS on the FP2?
I installed LineageOS a while back on another device and it seems that the vendor blocked all root-enabled devices from playing.
Is this still the case and if so, what can I do to still enjoy LineageOS and PG both? Root is not that important to me anyway…
thanks :slight_smile:

Official LineageOS comes not rooted, you would have to install root yourself.


I guess if you flash LOS without root, but with GAPPS, than this won’t be an issue.
Otherwise, you’ll have to do something like Level 5 described in this guide: #installanyapp (originally for Open OS, but it should work similarly at LOS).

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Perfect, I will try without rooting then!

Yes you can flash LOS without root and with GAPPS, as paula suggests.

But if you come to LOS to get rid of G**gle services, you can also flash the LOS+MicroG fork and it works as well (I tested it !):

  • without rooting it
  • with root, after installing iSu app and change SU state to Deactivated…
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Nah, I like google
*ducks, hides and runs * :smiley:
By the way, everything worked perfectly.
Better performance, better battery life, happier me!


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