PLMN list of preferred providers not editable?

Hi all,
can anyone please try to reproduce this, and advise me on a workaround:

When I go to the Preferred networks section of the Mobile network settings under Wirless & networks in the Settings, I can’t edit.

I have a list of 50 providers here, some of which I surely was never logged on to. If I tap on and then tap the the menu button, I can choose Delete, but nothing is ever deleted. Same for any changes, even if I chose Save afterwards: nothing gets ever saved.

I read @Stefan’s comment that he was able to create a new PLMN, but I don’t succeed here, either.

Travelling inside the EU requires roaming for me. But recently, I have often been near the Swiss border. Since Swizerland is not in the EU, involuntarily logging on their networks can cause financial damage. I thought I would simply set priority for their networks very low (i.e., to very high numbers). But the networks don’t even show up in the PLMN list!

To illustrate the magnitude of the financial damage: I already lost more than 150 € that way, not realising being logged on to a Swiss network while being called.

Any help would be very welcome!

[Running FP OS 1.8.7 on a FP1(U).]

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