Please take part in my PhD survey about sustainable consumption of ICT 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇬🇧

Glückwunsch :slight_smile:

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You don’t mean that 401 people did the survey do you? I did it and it was quite long, maybe 50 questions? So about 8 people did the survey?

you forgot to add a joke-emoji. :slight_smile:

this should explain it (if it really needs explaining):

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Let me try to retranslate that for you: 401 answers = 401 Antworten = 401 replies => 401 people who took part in the survey :wink:


Wow that’s cool. I really didn’t think that was the number of people who took part.

yeah so happy to gather that much information :slight_smile: :sunny:

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@zissi Do you have some results to share with us? It’s been one year after all. :slight_smile:


I do have results, but I have to wait till they are published to share with you guys. Didn’t know it would take that long, but it is the second round of review, so I’ll be able to share soon :slight_smile:
Sorry, that it takes that long :frowning:


Dear Fairphone Community,

my paper finally got through the review process and is published.

How would you wish to have the results? I assume that a scientific paper is not of total interest for you, so I got rewrite the result parts? Or would you just like to have the tables and figures and I explain what I did?

The link for the article:

Please let me know how I could make something of interest for you! And again a big thank you. I could use the results of your respondents for 1/2 of my thesis :blush:


An infographic maybe? :blush: Have you been in contact with Fairphone about your research? Maybe they can visualize your findings (and even let you write a blog entry at the Fairphone blog)? I’d like to read such a blog entry!


I can try to conatct Fairphone. When I wrote them back in Nov 15, they didn’t have the resources to cooperate with me.

Dear Community,

the paper is now available to download within the next 50 days.
Have fun reading :slight_smile:


Could you outline the most interesting finds for the Fairphone community?

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