Please participate: Survey on FP3 support experience

Hi there.

I am conducting some research for an article on the FP3 and I would love if you could give me some short answers on your experience. It is clear that this won’t be highly significant by statistical means. But that is not my goal here. I want to get a bit of a feel for the situation and some insight and personal feedback. My questions are:

1. How satisfied where you with Fairphone 3 support?
or (if not contacting support but having another issue)
2. How was your experience when you directly contacted Fairphone for [your reason]?

Please tell me briefly why you contacted the FP team.

Thank you!

FIY: The background of my question is that some of my readers want to know “whether the support is really as bad as they say”. But I do not have any insight on that other than (after a few mails suddenly) completely being ignored when contacting FP for a test device.

Why is this in "Discuss / The Product? Because many users seem to see the support service as a part of what they are buying. Some seem to be afraid of a “lousy support” for a product / a functionality promise they are not yet sure about…

I have a good impression, especially because they reply time was really fast. I asked why my order was delayed and got told that the USB-C cable was out of stock.

The support attendant told me that the cable is so sustainable and other cables wouldn’t live up to it. Only my side question, what’s really so special about the FP3 USB-C cable was ignored. But well, my main question was answered rapidly.

PS.: The USB-C cable I received is really sturdy and worth the money.
PPS.: I think this topic belongs in #participate

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Thanks for your answer. I definitely want to look into the cable as well… I thought about putting it in the Participate section but I explained why I didn’t above. If mods disagree they will move it, I believe :blush: (Also I had the impression the Participate category was more about improving the product and building a community, but I’m just asking for a brief discussion which probably does not serve this community so much…)

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