Please give feedback on our new support tutorials here!

Hi Fairphone community!

With the release of update 1.8 we are also releasing a new support tool! This is a collaboration between us and a fellow company in Amsterdam called Qelp. Our goal is to offer better and more intuitive support through offering tutorials, especially for Fairphone owners who are less familiar with smartphones.

I am trying to enlist your (the communities) help in testing if this tool works and getting feedback!

Currently the tool only contains topics and tutorials related to the update, but we plan to extend this with every topic we can imagine - like setting up your e-mail - how to perform a hard reset etc.

You can check the support tutorials out here:

If you encounter:

  • Bugs and errors
  • Translation errors

Or if you have:

  • Improvement ideas
  • Ideas about which topics we should really add for easy support and explanation
  • Random thoughts about this topic (like how the introduction is too long etc.)

Please report them in this topic, so me and the project team can pick them up!

Thank you,


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Google apps installer widget says: Google apps installed, Delete this installer
But google apps are not installed.
How can I force google apps installation?

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Hi Howard, did you already update to 1.8? Try disabling and enabling your wifi - and then try again. You can also throw away the widget and then place it again from the widgets menu (left menu button > widgets). Hope this helps!

Just for keeping it clean, I will be deleting other support requests in this topic. Please use the update topic for that! . I would like to purely keep this topic for feedback on the tutorials itself.

The tutorials look great! :smile:
I just think, that they could be put a bit more prominently, they are quite hard to find…

(also researched a bit on the page today and could not immediately find e.g. the 5 topics (Mining, Social Entrepreneurship, etc.) FP is targeting. The concept of the 5 topics is quite catchy and also should be advertised more prominently, IMO)

Edit: Just discovered that the link “'Search for a solution on the forum”, after giving an opinion on the tutorial, does not lead to the forum, but to the support page.

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  1. On the interactive support page: there is an animated how-to, step by step.
    Each step is clearly legible while the next and previous ones partly appear at bottom and top il a very light grey.
    The trouble is, when loading the page the first time, everything is colored in this ultra-light grey in the first step: the newcomer (that I am) is a bit shocked by what he interprets as a first and not legible §… He has to click on the ‘next’ arrow to just read …
    Mind you, when you see how insulting the post can be from guys that didn’t find the right help immediately… I’d say this matters…

  2. on the role of the forum: frankly, there is currently 50 times more advice and details in the forum than in the tech help. And still the link to the forum lies at the very bottom of the page, indeed in a place some readers may even forget to check.
    Remember we lived already a complicated migration from one old forum to another.
    Will you create another such event?
    I’d say, raise this forum awareness…

Yesterday afternoon the interactiveupdate tutorial we were pointed towards only added to the frustration, since it didn’t contain any useful information - in fact it was nothing more than a dummy.
Today, when completed, I must say that it looks really good, clear and informative.
I agree with Herve5, though, the transparent grey is confusing. And forgive me for twisting the knife in the wound, but (ahem) if someone upgrades while carefully following each paragraph in a step-by-step fashion, the very last paragraph, i.e. after the upgrade is completed, reveals the following:
"Any possible shortcuts will also have been removed from your Start screen."
Maybe that part could have been mentioned a little bit earlier… :wink:


I was concerned about the new launcher, since it was announced and I didn’t know what a launcher was (this is my first smartphone, I assumed that what I now know to be the old launcher was just the way the fairphone works, I didn’t know there could be other launchers). The tutorial was very vague and not helpful at all. I asked a question on the forum and Joe directed me to the unhepful tutorial. Still not helpful.

I freaked out when I saw that I had 3 screen panels instead of 5 and when I deleted the most used/most recent apps panels for which I have no use, it went down to 2 panels. I saw today that the tutorial had been updated to explain how to add new panels and arrange them. This should have been online before the release of the update.


The new interactive tutorials were introduced just before the update, so I think that, when everything came together, there was simply no time for including everything.

Then the update should have been postponed for a few days. Simple as that.

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Nothing to add to that.

This is very valid feedback, I never thought about that. It’s because we use the word daily it becomes too normal for us. Thank you.

I understand this, but the fact is that some of the “missing information” was simply not known to us before the release. So sometimes new things pop up and it takes time for us to update the articles to reflect that. It takes time to translate all the additions - that is why currently only the english tutorial contains the most up to date information (largely based on the feedback I gathered on this forum).

Also it’s the first time we used this tool - so we learned a lot about the processes we need to have in place to use it to it’s full extent.

This is not meant to be defensive, but I just wanted to give some insight why the tutorial is now more complete then it was before the update.

(we could have been more clear on the launcher and the removal of the icons earlier)


Found something which looks like a bug.

When I press “Dislike” on this topic, I cannot enter “Other reason, namely…”.

I am on Firefox 34.0.5 for Windows 7 64bit.

PS.: The tutorial does not tell me, how to find the GApps widget, if it’s not there…

I like the tutorial! One thing i noticed in the german version: When describing Navigation through menus, the buttons to tap a separated by comma when listed, like here:

Um den verfügbaren Speicherplatz zu überprüfen, gehe zu Einstellungen, Speicher, Interner Speicher.

It would be more obvious and easier to read if you used arrows:

Um den verfügbaren Speicherplatz zu überprüfen, gehe zu Einstellungen → Speicher → Interner Speicher.

Also there a lot of missing capitals, i will check the tutorials in more detail soon!

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Deutschen Anleitungen

Deutsche Anleitungen

Welcher Modell Fairphone habe ich?

Welches Fairphone-Modell habe ich?

Welcher Fairphone OS Version habe ich?

Welche Fairphone-OS-Version habe ich?

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