Playlists and ringtone settings gone after restart

With a lot of effort I created several playlists and chose songs as (contact-)ringtonesā€¦
But everytime I turn my phone off and the next day on, the playlists are empty and the ringtone settings are gone! :frowning:
Is there any setting I have to change or how can I solve this problem?
Thank you for help!

I have the problem. It happens to the ringtone, the alarm. Even the ā€˜touch soundsā€™ are on after restarting my phone. With @Moewe I hope this problem is solvable. My phone 1st batch started this behaviour after the update.

Anyone else who can help us?

Mmmh it could be an issue related to the update to the storage partition - but this problem doesnā€™t happen for me.

Are you ringtones stored on internal storage and is your default storage (in Settings > Storage) set to Internal?

Yes, the ringtones are stored on internal storage.
Yes, the default storage (in Settings > Storage) is set to Internal.

Ok the ringtones are saved for me (at least for this time)ā€¦
but the problem with the empty playlists is still thereā€¦or is it possible that the problem is that all my songs are on my SD-card? But I donĀ“t really want them on my internal storage :confused:

Iā€™ve experienced something similar after the 1.6 update. My ringtone (from the app ā€˜Nostalgic Phone Ringtoneā€™) disappeared. After resetting it worked, but only till next reboot when it was replaced with one of FPā€™s own (Sunbeam). Tried reinstalling the app, but no difference.

I downloaded another app (ā€˜Old phone ringtonesā€™) and that one seems to work OK.

Other settings (e.g. ā€˜touch soundsā€™ turned off) keep unchanged.

I have got the same problem, my playlists also become empty after every time i switch the phone on again and my assigned ringtones disappear! My music is also stored on a memory cardā€¦

Same problem, ringtone and alarm are back to default after I restarted my phone. My default storage is internal, I store the ringtones I assigned on my SD card.

After an update I thought the problem hat solved itself: I switched off the phone for a short time and switched it on again, finding my playlists etc. still complete. However, after having my phone switched off for a whole night, I switched it on the next morning and my playlists assigned signal sounds etc. were gone againā€¦ :frowning:

I have the same problem: playlists and ringtone gone after restart.
my music is located on my sd-card.
doesnā€™t anyone know how to solve this problem?

To save Ring-/Alarmtones: you can store the tones/songs you want to have as ring-/alarmtones on your internal storage (e.g.: go to ā€œfile managerā€, chose SD-card and your music, copy the relevant files; go back to internal storage, chose ā€œringtonesā€/ā€œalarm tonesā€ and paste)
But I still donĀ“t know how to save the playlistsā€¦ >:|

Wrote with someone from the Fairphone support, but even he could not really tell me another solution than using an app (what I would prefer not to doā€¦)

What a pity, still no news about this issue?

@carpe_diem80 - there are a number of glitches caused by the storage update. I believe FP are working on this for the next update (canā€™t say when this will be though)

Alright, but itā€™s good to know that something is to be done, thanks for your answer!

Any news on this?

I had no problems with my Playlist until last week.
My music is saved on SD card too, but that didnā€™t change. So I wonder why most of the songs suddenly dissappear from my Playlist.
Itā€™s really annoying - please someone help!

I donĀ“t knowā€¦but for me I saw no other way than installing an extra app (doubletwist). Since then the playlists from doubletwist are also kept in the fairphone music player. But I donĀ“t dare to risk uninstalling doubletwist again and try if it works again normally now

Too bad.

Someone else?